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    What got you into blockchain/crypto?

    Unseizable, unstoppable, border-ignoring digital gold, to be used directly as money; no single authority controlling supply, no fractional reserve nonsense.
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    Trust Protector Election site is live

    If you had voted for everyone except for the people you mistrust, it would have had the same effect as if they were downvoted.
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    v0.13 MN changes ?

    You probably need to issue a new Masternode Start command from your local wallet or DMT/Trezor. You can check your masternode status on https://www.dashninja.pl/
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    Collateralized mining, revisited...

    While it is true that the long term effect of inflation will eventually dilute the value of the coin, the fact that miners/masternodes receive the newly created coins first gives them a substantial advantage. It's sometimes referred to as The Cantillon Effect or the Non-neutrality of Money...
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    Thoughts on Reverse Split or Redenominating DASH

    @TroyDASH @revelations86 said people were put off by the price of a whole Dash, not by having to use decimals. If it makes you happy, the wallets could have an option to hide Dash balances entirely. If you say users are bothered by it, obscure it away, under the hood, like they plan to do...
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    Thoughts on Reverse Split or Redenominating DASH

    There is no issue here. We don't need those kind of investors, they would just make Dash more volatile. So, when people convert USD to JPY, do they become happier because they have a hundred times more "monies"?
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    Congratulations Ryan Taylor , time to crank up the engine

    Something like this was mentioned at the Dash open house event.It would be contingent on research indicating we could safely do so.
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    stop dash from getting burned

    It does matter. We need users and investors to trust us and we do that by never changing the rules that govern the amount of coins we create.
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    Proposal: Alt36 + Dash Payment Platform [15 Updates Included]

    Indeed, now that I look at it, it is the same as the Blockcypher's proposal. Thanks for the confirmation!
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    Pre-Proposal: Adaptive Proposal Fees

    Yes, that's fine. I just want to point out that the iteration of this process is that we will pick a fee that will gravitate towards the median, but would always be lagging (wouldn't adapt as fast as we would like), while direct voting will give us the median immediately, and thus should be...
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    Proposal: Alt36 + Dash Payment Platform [15 Updates Included]

    So, just to be clear, is the payment address linked to this proposal controlled by @babygiraffe ?
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    Proposal: The Dash Expansion at Skatopia

    Ok, now it is good practice to leave at the top of the proposal: a manual voting line, a link to this proposal on Dashcentral, and also state clearly how many Dash you are asking for (i.e., denominated in Dash, not dollars)
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    [IDEA] QT Core Wallet premixing to another wallet (e.g. mobile)

    While reading this thread, and idea came to me. A mobile wallet isn't well suited to mixing coins as needed for privatesend. But the QT wallet could potentially send the mixed coins to it. How? On the last round of mixing, it can just tell the MN to send the coin to an address of that wallet...
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    Pre-Proposal: Reduce Proposal Fee to 2 Dash

    Yeah, let's try that out... Suppose all but one of the 4400 masternodes vote to lower the fee to 0.01 Dash. And the one other votes for the fee to be 7,247,463 Dash. The fee will then be raised to the average of 1,647 Dash.
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    Pre-Proposal System is Useless

    And that's one reason not to use it (or to take precautions when using it) if you thing they would be interested in you. To be fair, the system can be designed to count your votes without revealing how many MNs you have.