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    Stuck on block 1379127, 3 weeks ago

    Safe Qwizzie, much appreciated. reconsiderblock 000000000000000afecd3ab8c45c69bcf9556a8b2c871cb15ed51d9457bd703d put into the console worked just great. But it's a joke having to do this every few months for years on end just to keep your wallet functioning, plus the updates, plus the...
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    Stuck on block 1379127, 3 weeks ago

    Hello All @ Support, having downloaded the latest wallet : Dash Core version v0.16.1.1 (64-bit) I have found that although the wallet can find peers, it does nothing to sync to the chain beyond block 1379127. Usually, updating to the latest wallet fixes this issue but I am unable to access...
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    Hello Moocowmoo, a bit like the below msgs, I sent you an email about a masternode share which...

    Hello Moocowmoo, a bit like the below msgs, I sent you an email about a masternode share which hasn't paid out since July, but the Dash has not been returned. Just a follow up, hope everything is cool
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    Debug nonsense

    Ah! The 'upcoming Evolution wallets', I'm really apprehensive about those, what with all the kerfuffle about unique names. I do like the QT wallet fwiw, and have a slice of a masternode. Additionally, I am just on the cusp of launching a business which accepts Dash for actual physical products...
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    Debug nonsense

    Sorry Strophy! A faux Pas with the spell check there! Ha ha
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    Debug nonsense

    Cheers Atrophy, much appreciated. I will say though that if a PayPal or bank account told anyone to 'simply reindex' anything or suggested that they lost access to their funds because they failed during a 'significant window' to upgrade then they wouldn't be in business very long. One can sell...
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    Debug nonsense

    Hello All, I hope someone can help with this. I have been DREADING upgrading to v13.0 since something always goes wrong or f's up in some way and I have to delve into anti virus, changing folders, writing code etc etc etc. Lo and behold! On opening the last 12.? release, the synching had...
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    Forgot My Wallet Passphrase

    Meh, I have a wallet I can no longer access with 534 Dash in it. Live and learn.... : (
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    What got you into blockchain/crypto?

    I realised that where you spend your money is the most influence you can have in the immediate term. Voting, lobbying, rallying etc take too long and don't affect those in control imo. Crypto, especially anonymous and private transactions, could be the most transformative invention of my...
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    Deleted my post but kept the post that quotes it? Aight den.....aight den..... You can also see from the quoted post that there was no vulgar or expletive language used, I even said "please"!
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    And, err, could people not stick the boot into this fedpyramid guy whilst he's down, it's simply not becoming......
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    Hey FedPyramid, really sorry to hear about what happened! Whilst I agree in principal that you should have been more careful (esp with 1000 DASH) I can fully understand your predicament and I do sympathise enormously. I too have 'lost' a substantial amount of DASH units, ~ 534 (through improper...
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    Dash to Implement InstantSend by Default, Solve Critical Merchant Adoption Barrier

    Great news, SMS payments, default insta-send and a simple user interface (hopefully appearing with Evolution) should see Dash miles ahead of the game. Seems like Dash is being slept on really badly by most crypto investors and traders, I must say it doesn't seem any more immune to BTCs drag...
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    Is the Woocommerce Dash Plugin still being maintained?

    Yo strophy, you sent me a similar message with regards to plug-ins and getting a payment gateway for Dash to be put onto a website. BTCPay seems like a good project but it's mad long to set up from scratch, it really is daunting for someone with little programming. Azure servers, hosting, coding...
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    Dash Core Group Q3 2018 Summary Call - 12 November 2018

    Yo, cool cool. What with the $ value of Dash diving I imagine you et al @ Dash have more than enough on your collective plates. Perhaps time will sort a solution more to my liking as the crypto space develops. I look forward to accepting Dash on my website soon and will be flying the flag for...