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  1. LimLims Website overhaul

    I've been AWOL for a while, just wanted to stop by to say the new site design looks awesome. It's gratifying to see the brand evolving in subtle ways, and I think Darkcoin has forged a unique, identifiable & sexy look for itself. That's not an easy feat in such a competitive space. Anyway, well...
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    Site Operators

    It isn't me, I removed myself from the modlist.
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    Branding Discussion

    The designer who created the NXT style guide expressed an interest in doing the same for us. I'd be willing to put 25 DRK towards that.
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    Branding Discussion

    I still think these choices should be left to graphic designers / branding professionals. It's hard selecting a palette that doesn't suck. If you haven't done a LOT of this before, I suggest deferring to expert opinion. Are we still looking at hiring the guy who did the NXT branding guide?
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    Media opportunities

    Evan posted that he is looking to recruit more developers, and take on more of an advocacy role, doing interviews & conferences and such. Being in #3 spot means it should be easy to find as much media exposure as we want. We should decide what level of media exposure we're going for (perhaps on...
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    Branding Discussion

    That one's really nice.
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    Branding Discussion

    Agree with this. Can we standardise on one of these? My vote is Darkcoin / Darksend (Because I'm lazy and pressing shift at the right time is hard).
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    Issues with Masternode Payments Fork

    Votes don't seem to be happening, at least that appears to be why only a fraction of blocks are paying masternodes.
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    Branding Discussion

    My votes: 1. Decide on Tagline Anonymous digital cash 3. Define grey-scale logo We could leave this to the designer if we're hiring someone to do the style guide. It would be normal to have some back & forth discussion to get all that to a point where we're happy with it. Same with colour...
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    Who are darkcoin representatives?

    Agreed, maintaining a list of merchants on the website is a good idea, and is good for mutual exposure. WRT a reputation system, that could be pretty dicey, and has the potential to screw over an otherwise reputable business if someone decides to game the system and destroy their rep score. We...
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    FAQ for May 25

    Can we get this sort of thing posted to the main website? Like maybe have a news ticker on the front page?
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    Branding Discussion

    I agree with this, and I think such guidelines should be explicitly defined in the style guide. Consistent branding is super important, and it should be made far clearer that the coin design is not the logo. But then, that's just another opinion, and we're just a bunch of amateurs with opinions...
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    Update to or to prepare for the hardfork on May 25!

    According to Evan, if you update to 10.8.6, delete peers.dat, wait 10 min & restart the client & masternode, you should be ok. The "ProcessMessage(dsee, 175 bytes) FAILED" errors are apparently due to other masternodes on the network that are still running the old version.
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    Update to or to prepare for the hardfork on May 25!

    Same here. And I'm seeing a lot of these error messages in the log, not sure if related: ProcessMessage(dsee, 175 bytes) FAILED
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    Just while I think of it: Now that we're getting some mainstream attention, it would be worth writing up a stronger justification for the legitimate need for privacy, perhaps as its own section on the website. Many -- perhaps the majority -- of people outside of this community will not...