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    Issues with Masternode Payments Fork

    Votes don't seem to be happening, at least that appears to be why only a fraction of blocks are paying masternodes.
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    Update to or to prepare for the hardfork on May 25!

    According to Evan, if you update to 10.8.6, delete peers.dat, wait 10 min & restart the client & masternode, you should be ok. The "ProcessMessage(dsee, 175 bytes) FAILED" errors are apparently due to other masternodes on the network that are still running the old version.
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    Update to or to prepare for the hardfork on May 25!

    Same here. And I'm seeing a lot of these error messages in the log, not sure if related: ProcessMessage(dsee, 175 bytes) FAILED
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    New version 9.4.0 and 10.8.0

    Nice work! Question about voting: What proportion of votes are required to mess with payments? I.e. does it go to the majority vote, meaning an attacker would need 51% of masternodes to hijack masternode payments?
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    New Style!

    Really nice. Who designed it?
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    Cult of Evan?

    Well shit, I liked your suggestions. I guess your idea of using "holacratic techniques" might have been far enough left field that it short-circuited some neurons in poor yidakee here. In any case, it's great that you are making constructive contributions. I think Darkcoin has far outgrown a...
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    Postponing Masternode Payments Till May 25th

    Sexy new graphics on this version of the GUI. :cool:
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    New DRK website

    Mannie, did you grab the existing written copy from Evan? We had someone who wrote quite a bit and it's not all up on the site. If you want I can share the docs with you (PM me your email addy).
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    Clever Idea from HiroCoin

    I think you're thinking about this from a miner's perspective, where hashrate of the network correlates with interest. Far more people are watching the price, so if popularity & price rises due to a multipool that pays out in DRK, any drop in hashrate will have a negligible effect on public...
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    Will Masternodes be safe ?

    The threats from insecure masternodes are: - potential theft of the masternode's wallet - masternode being compromised by an attacker (e.g. backdoor installed), and used to mount attacks on the network The kinds of attacks on the network from compromised masternodes include denial-of-service...
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    Clever Idea from HiroCoin

    I can only see good things from a multipool that pays out in DRK. It would create a dynamic where a proportion of miners move to the scrypt pool until darkcoin diff drops enough for it to become profitable to mine directly, and an equilibrium would form. - More people getting invested in DRK...
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    Darkcoin marketing role

    I'm stepping down from my role in the Darkcoin team, which means I'll be passing on this marketing/branding effort to the community & the devs. I wish you the best of luck with it! I'd planned that next steps would involve selecting a colour palette, then writing a branding guide, then getting...
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    Blue vs B&W Logo

    It's hard to know what a given palette will look like until it's in context. We will probably need some mockups to make the decision properly. The palette might look saturated here but on website they may be used as secondary/tertiary colours for a tiny fraction of screen space, meaning they're...
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    Blue vs B&W Logo
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    Blue vs B&W Logo

    This palette is nice: