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    Fiat Gateways Project - status updates

    Lol. The same typo I called out is still there. "The goal of this project is to building fiat gateways for Dash." Right on the first flipping page Unfortunately if I went on, I'd risk sounding like a troll. So instead i'll just sell my coins. Thanks kot and Dash team for listening & responding...
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    Fiat Gateways Project - status updates

    "The goal of this project is to building fiat gateways for Dash." 40k and nothing to deliver, not even a Github, just delays. "There were 2 bugs in the code." Lol do you even know how software programming works? So much for an open-source pronect. Here comes the smear campaign: A bunch of...
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    Proposal: Let's advertise by putting Dash back on the markets!

    I'll be honest with you I consider myself more of a scientist than an economist. And as a scientist we'll never know for sure what had happened. But since (today) I'm right, I'm going to toot my own horn.
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    Proposal: Let's advertise by putting Dash back on the markets!

    That does count. Wealth came in because of the block halvening. Without proper trade volume, Dash didnt get any of this wealth.
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    DASH naming confusion

    I agree with dashpay
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    Proposal: Let's advertise by putting Dash back on the markets!

    I was right, should have gotten dash on a major exchange by this time . . Bitcoin and ether both up, dash is down
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    Who runs the Dash OpenBazaar Store?

    Personally I'm most concerned over the lack of control of the DashPay OneName. OneName is basically a domain name for all of one's social media profiles (facebook, twitter, etc)... it's literally an identity network to prove who someone is. They have some contact information on their store, has...
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    New website discussion

    Center the headers and buttons on mpbile please
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    Dash on BTC-E

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm 100% satisifed BTC-E is the oldest crypto exchange still around BTC-E is a "trustworthy" exchange, currently the only "trustworthy" exchange carrying Dash No I don't trust Poloniex You have no idea how happy this makes me See my past posts for what i've advocated for if you...
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    Equibit Tittle trading platform, hiring DASH Dev

    Why do you need a Dash dev? Your project description sounds like you want an OpenBazaar dev. $200 in dash pls
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    April 2016 Budget Proposal

    "Uncancellable" month-to-month projects are a scary proposition. I'm not sure I would approve of any of them, except the Dash Core team's monthly budget. When someone proposes an uncancellable month-to-month project, you should really be asking, "Should this person's proposal be tied to the...
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    Prioritization of fiat gateways

    I mostly am playing Devil's advocate here. It is a great use of funds... Dash community really shouldnt blame me for being a dick... Clearly this project was largely influenced by views expressed in previously rejected proposals (cough cough). Would have loved to play a part in building some of...
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    Prioritization of fiat gateways

    Okay, do you know what an API is? Because there is no way it should take 3 weeks to create a bot that polls 3 exchanges and their order books.
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    Prioritization of fiat gateways

    isysd My interpretation of the post is that we are creating subsidized trading bots to increase Dash's liquidity. The trading bot requires 10k of liquidity. I assume this will be initialized in Dash? If so, this will require selling a lot of Dash, and is not a safe way to increase liquidity...
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    Prioritization of fiat gateways

    I'm a bit dubious as to how the exchange will be fully trustless if you need to be a certified money transmitter to withdraw to a bank. It is also not possible to duplicate Shapeshift's model (locking in a transaction rate for 10 minutes) without taking some kind of fee to handle market...