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    Is it advisable to invest in ETF?

    Yes it is often good to invest in ETF Long term Portfolio. Try passive Investing with Robo Advisors read about it here in detail here . I have experienced that passive investment often results in higher returns than active investment.
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    Why Dashlancer could be a killer app for dash?

    It is said that you need to be 10x better than the status quo for disrupting an industry. The guys at dashlancer offer a servixe for an 1% fee while the industry average is somewhere around 15-20% Furthermore they did a detailed market research indicating strong interest in cutting out...
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    How To Contact Affordable Google Adwords Company?

    You can do it by yourself too. Because if you hire a company to that the company will take almost 25% of your Budget and other additional fees as their service charge. It is very much easy to setup and run a campaign on Google Adwords. Also, there are many tutorials available provided itself...