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  1. J a Darkcoin Auction

    Seems interesting! Will stay turned.
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    Darkcoin Listed On Bitfinex

    Terrific News, Bitifinex is one of the Biggest exchanges for cryptos out there! Bigger than BTC-E and Bitstamp, and 4 times more volume that Mintpal And Cryptsy. Congrats to the Darkcoin Team!
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    What other altcoins are DRKcoiners into?

    Just Darkcoin and Bitcoin :)
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    Where to buy DarkCoin for USD?

    Cryptsy put in a DRK/USD trading pair. They said it will be released in June.
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    Masternodes with offline (paper) wallets

    "Evan posted some time ago that cold storage is planned for a future version" I was just thinking of cold storage when it came to Masternodes today, glad to see it'll be in a future version. :)
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    10 Reasons to invest in Darkcoin

    For the branding reason, When I first heard of Bitcoin(2012), by the name and logo alone I thought it was play money, or a joke as you would have it. However, after simply reading more up on it and opening my mind, I understood the advantages of it over any other form of currency. The point I'm...