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    更新! 大家好,我们列在,您可以查看并支持我们。 特鲁希略的问候。
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    更新! 你知道,你好DASH社区,我们计划在DashBoost推出这个循环,但我们没有这样做,因为我们已经在ULA-NURR组织了一次聚会参加Dash Force计划,这两项活动无法同时完成。 如果下一个周期开始,我们将等待,我们将通知您。 以下是我们在ULA-NURR的Meetup总结。 祝所有人节日快乐。 特鲁希略的问候。
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    Pre-Proposal: 1st DASH Conference Trujillo Venezuela 850.000+ people!!

    Update! Hello DASH Community, as you know, we planned to launch this cycle in DashBoost but we did not do it because we had already organized a meetup in ULA-NURR to participate in the Dash Force program, both activities could not be done at the same time. We will wait if the next cycle opens...
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    Dash Adoption in Venezuela Exceeds All Other Cryptocurrencies Combined

    Good numbers for Venezuela and DASH will undoubtedly increase much more. Apart from the feature of InstantSend, as well as the characteristics of DASH, this preference for DASH is due in large part to the work done by representatives of DASH initiatives, who through meetups, projects focused...
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    更新! 大家好,这里是我们的法兰绒和卡片的设计。 面前 背部 臂 面前 背部 文本: 不可转让 "感谢民事,军事,政治和教会当局与这张卡的持有者进行了最大的合作。" 准备开始我们的项目,我们会随时通知您。 祝所有人节日快乐。 问候
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    Creating a Venezuela DAO to create the First DASH Nation

    Greetings, from the beginning it is clear what are the opinions that are wanted here However, respectfully and as a Venezuelan knower a little better about the real situation here, I will give my opinion. In general terms, I agree with this idea of the creation of a sub-DAO or DFO as well...
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    Pre-Proposal: 1st DASH Conference Trujillo Venezuela 850.000+ people!!

    Thanks for your comment and for your support. We hope to start soon. Greetings from Trujillo. Gracias por tu comentario y por tu apoyo. Esperamos comenzar pronto. Saludos desde Trujillo.
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    TEACH DASH BRAZIL: Empowering Refugees With CryptoCurrency Education A Proposal For The DASH Network

    I agree with the initiative but I differ a little about this Maybe you mean $ for 50 students Regards,
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    Dash Lara Venezuela: Presenting BITCORPVE.COM, DASH MAN and more projects

    Greetings Juan, good news, many successes with that.
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    A small vision towards the future of DASH

    So simple, so easy
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    A small vision towards the future of DASH

    The Banks, since their creation, have governed the financial system, have changed the course of entire nations, have created economic catastrophes with a global impact, taking everyone who relied on their support before them. They have manipulated the fate of hundreds of millions of dollars at...
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    Dash Trujillo

    Hola Lorenzo, gracias por el comentario y por el apoyo. Sin duda seguiremos trabajando. Gran iniciativa lo de DASHText, muchos exitos con eso. Saludos desde Trujillo. Hello Lorenzo, thanks for the comment and for the support. No doubt we will continue working. Great initiative what DASHText...