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    Question about blockchain: Can a full node actually “read” transactions?

    GrandMasterDash, thanks for explanation. Talking of blockchains and cryptocurrency, I wish to see more options for purchasing cryptocurrency, especially from different cash wallets, developed by well-known companies. Too bad that some of them still dont want to implement the direct...
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    Does dash be transacted as fast as it claim ?

    I truly think you're right on that one. Some people simply want to exchange their cryptocurrencies, from one to another one, and I can share with you this dash to btc exchange platform, which is one of the most profitable and reliable platform I've seen, and believe me I've tested a lot of such...
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    04 - Decentralised Decision Making: The DASH Decentralisation Charter (DDC)

    Yeah, well it is an awesome idea. There are hundreds of resources and websites, which can share with you information about investing in Bitcoin and how to make it's more profitable, but I like this one ( url: ), where author...
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    Dash Mobile Apps

    It's really a great and working app.
  5. JonesMW - dash and other cryptocurrency exchange rates monitor

    Exchange services are very important nowadays, when more and more people transferring their money from real wallets to cryptos currencies...