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    Proposal: Core Team Compensation (November)

    Ryan could you share details about where people are working (on thr planet)? And the state of moral? My knee jerk response was that comp seemed too low. I'm worried about attrition, code theft, and/or "Ex-Dash Core DEV launches ICO" headlines. If we are mixing eastern europe devs with...
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    We should change voting from Masternodes to EVERYONE

    Don't confuse me with the user "demo". That guy sounds stressed. Ill repeat, that I dont know if it is a problem. My hypothesis and point is that the type of people who will be able to afford to buy and hold (the risk), of owning a MN, is transient and will change over time. Along with their...
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    Is there closed-source WIP paid for by MNO-vote?

    I'd be shocked to learn that everything doesnt end up open-source eventually, but is there closed-source (or maybe in this context "unreleased") code that Core builds internally?
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    We should change voting from Masternodes to EVERYONE

    Im not sure if it is. But its a smack in the face to the intentions of this design if agents or delegates of people with skin in the game, or people with other peoples's skin in the game, start to outsource their vote. Metaphorically, you'll never get a property manager who will do as good as...
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    We should change voting from Masternodes to EVERYONE

    No, they wont. Not a large fraction anyway. A human goes through a life cycle as they age, with changing degrees of risk tolerance, opportunity costs, and interests. Plus, people die. Or get hospital bills. Or want shiny things. Excluding the holders from lower prices....the type of people...
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    March 2017 Budget Report

    Good update BG. I'm so happy to hear this: " assess the roles on the team and recommend market rates..." and "adding an HR function". This addresses one of my two biggest apprehensions about plowing more money (and possibly time, energy etc.) into Dash. This entire thread hints at the...
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hi All. I bought some Dash almost a month ago...this project looks promising. I work on the buy-side of Canada's finance industry in software development. My forte, is back-end work with python.