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    Live webinars

    Hello, My name is Jeremy West, creator of, the first major way to spend bitcoins on amazon and other major retailers, the first major bitcoin exchange in Australia, and the first major listing of places that accept bitcoin. Unfortunately the people who bought it from me a few...
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    Where is my masternode payment?

    As per Dash Ninja, my last payment was nearly 10 days ago: Open (28m28s) 70206 1,000.000 1w2d23h8m44s 21w5d23h33m43s 7m46s As per Dash Masternode Information (and my experience to date), it should be paid every just less than 8 days: Expected Payment per Masternode: every 7.94 days...
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    Jeremy West from spendbitcoins pre pre proposal

    Hello Dashers! My name is Jeremy West. I founded and ran spendbitcoins from 2011-2015 (it was purchased by someone else in 2015 but they have just left it unchanged since that time). I don't actually have a proposal yet. I simply love DASH, think it is a much better product than bitcoin, and...
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    Thank you so much Tao... but please help! I have followed your instructions to a T up to the above quoted step. At this point, although I can clearly see the file "dashd" in ".dashcore" in WinSCP: I get the below error when trying to run it in putty: Can anyone help? Highest Regards, Jeremy