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    11.2 - Dash Release

    Not agree.. MN count / Blocks per day - 2312/576 = expected payment per MN - every 4 days I have three MNs that haven't got paid more than 5 days.. And one question: does "start-many" throws you out of the payment queue?
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    Guys, I'm using the wallet in lite mode (litemode=1 in dash.conf file) and look what I get when I tried to send some funds: Then I tried the same in normal mode with checked "Darksend" and got the same strange fee (maybe it's normal, I don't know, I haven't any anonymized funds): In normal...
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    Is enforcement off?
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    Dash Logo Contest

    Yes, so much creativity.. ;)
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    Dash Logo Contest

    Let's make it simple and readable, bold but not too aggressive. The text have to "fill" the space.. with recognizable letter "D". My suggestion is ...
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    Dash Logo Contest

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    Official Statement On Rebranding To Dash

    There is no such thing like "russian letters".. it's Cyrillic ..
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    Your first computer?

    Here is the real deal - the first PC I met in 1982 was the fully compatible copy of Apple ][ - the bulgarian Pravetz 82 ;) And then in 1985 I bought my first home PC - Pravetz 8D, compatible with the french Oric Atmos It has the 6502 CPU too but...
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    Roadmap - Plans for the next release

    Eclipse - Nebula - Graphene - ;)
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    v0.10.17.x Testing

    What do you think? Isn't that simpler.. 4 rounds set, 2 rounds done. And we'll have a free place for a new section - solo mining or whatever.. ;)
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    WTB Want to borrow 125DRK

    We have a deal. ;)
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    WTB Want to borrow 125DRK

    What about 12.5DRK (10% for two months) profit for the lender and 12.5DRK (1.25%) fee for the escrow service (I really don't like 13 ;) ) Otherwise it's not profitable for me.. I can collect the needed 120-125DRK with 3MN for 8 weeks .. so the 4th node will collects another 40DRK and we should...
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    WTB Want to borrow 125DRK

    Hi, guys! I'm looking for 125DRK to start my 4th MN but I'm out of cash for now. The one who borrows me the DRKs will get the income from the 4 masternodes on a weekly basis for the next 7 weeks (20DRK per week on average). He'll be given the 4 MN addresses to check the income.
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    v0.10.16 - Onyx v2

    The same, almost every hour.. from ./darkcoind masternode list and
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    v0.10.16 - Onyx v2 works again.