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    Project Management Framework - proposition

    I think the key issue here is that the budget system is not owned by anyone. With a suggestion like this it would in some way be bringing the budget system under the control of the Dash Foundation (their support would be needed to gain masternode support). In my opinion the budget system should...
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    Allowing other than master-nodes holders to participate (Budget proposal discussion)

    Letting anyone vote is probably not a great idea.
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    Proposal: purchase - December Payment Replacement

    The fact that under the current budget system masternode operators can change their votes at any time means that noting is 'agreed' or 'committed' until the payment is actually made. Anyone who has a proposal under the current system runs the risk of masternode operators deciding to later change...
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    Prioritization of fiat gateways

    The title and content on DashWhale should be updated with the info from the start of this thread. There should also be a note about the change having been made.
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    Interesting criticisms of DASH. Thoughts?

    And written by the lead developer of Monero. Hardly impartial.
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    Has Evan - or any DEV.......

    Perhaps Dash should implement a warrant canary? Not really sure though what the government could compel the developers to do that would negatively impact users.
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    Has Evan - or any DEV.......

    But because of it being obtained illegally they cannot use it as evidence in court.
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    Transform PR project closure report

    Those guys look much better. Just compare the and websites. I know who I would choose to represent me.
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    Catch all system?

    I'm not a fan of this. Unless there is a specific use proposed for the funds I would prefer they be burned (less inflation of the monetary base).
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    Let's get thinking

    It's not quite the same as his proposal. This would simply require working closely with large POS companies to add some extra software to their machines. Not technically complicated and no extra hardware involved. It would also need a backend to convert Dash to the local currency (In the long...
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    Let's get thinking

    I'd like to see integration with self service POS systems in supermarkets and bulk retail. At least where I live the machines have about 20 options when you get to the payment step, and it would be relatively easy to add in Dash through a software update. Nearly costless to the retailer...
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    Asian exchange

    What Tungfa said. Lets have real growth based on our technology, not Chinese hype trains.
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    DASH is Light Speed and darkcoin is fungeability

    Wow, just finished watching the whole video at the start of the thread. Your ideas are so messed up. I didn't know people like you existed. By the way your getting trophy's because people are trying to be nice to you in the hope you might listen to their opinions.
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    Z.Cash VS DASH Also if it turns out to be better than Darksend would it be possible to replace Darksend with Zerocoin?