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    Why as less people annoyed\outraged at proposals that appear to scam Dash?

    I'd like an audit done on proposals that have completed in full, ones over due and ones clearly scamming the dash community. Charle Shrem has again missed another deadline with no updates.
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    WTB BAIKAL miners

    Anyone selling any Baikal miners? After a cube or 2 (maybe giants depending on price) but due to the DM11g coming out I'm not willing to pay an over inflated price Sent from my D6653 using Tapatalk
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    Issue with the format of the proposal system

    The proposal system seems to have an obvious flaw that could easily be manipulated to defraud the system. From what I can see someone pays their fee, proposes an idea that is voted on and if successful moves forward and is paid. The issue with the current system is there is no one acting as...
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    Help with setting Raspberri PI up as P2Pool

    So I bought a Raspberry PI 3. Installed Rasbian and have been trying to get DASHD installed but i'm lost. I'm very new to linux so learning as I go with the project. I tried to install Docker-dashd but it wasnt compiled for ARM and I dont know how to compile or if I can using the github...
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    Beware: Scam site: baikalminer.eu

    Someone sprouting this site on Bitcointalk forum and it looks very legit but please beware.
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    Set up new P2Pool node

    So I noticed there is no P2Pool in my country, i'd like to set one up but need a setup guide on creating, hardening and maintaining the node. I'm a Windows admin but have not touched *nix before so looking forward to playing with it
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    Set up P2Pool

    Hi, I notice there is no P2Pool in my country so I thought i'd look into setting one up. I have a 100Mbit down\40Mbit up fibre connection to my house with a static IP. Any guides on setting up a pool? I'm primarily a WIndows admin and willing to lean linux for this. Also how do you test your...