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    The PoW Extinction Event within 10 - 20 years

    These are two very good ideas, but for even more reasons than you wrote above. MimbleWimble to increase privacy (and scalability). RandomX (variant) to increase decentralization and censorship-resistance of the network. Besides security, another benefit of POW mining (as opposed to POS) is...
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    GUI tool for running Masternode with Trezor

    Ok weird, guess it was just me. I had tried downloading it twice and got the same wrong hash both times. Just tried it a third time and it's correct.
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    GUI tool for running Masternode with Trezor

    The hashes for the mac release don't match. On the releases page, this is the hash you list: shasum -b -a 512 DashMasternodeTool_0.9.26-hotfix4.mac.dmg 4e511269e9416515d6ebcbc9fa8b51a377f9f51b76d65252fd604614b0a76525e3de8cd4e4401ecd8af389ab5cdb4954580ccf9fb2ad064c4df5fdc14e2c0d40...
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    Dash Core Group Q3 2018 Summary Call - 12 November 2018

    What will the process to get a username look like for a new user? (Will there be invites, will people need to go thru 3rd-party services, can someone pay the registration fee on behalf of another user without revealing the private key?)
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    Opinion on DIP5-BlockchainUsernamePricingModel

    First, I'm glad Andy clarified there will be a "display name" separate from a BU name. It wasn't clear that there would be one before, but I'm relieved to see it here. This is a good point. The minimum length should be 6 characters, not 3 characters, because of the potential for abuse and...
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    What's Going on at Dash?

    Interesting post and ideas! Agreed. This should be highlighted somewhere so everyone can be reminded. It does sound interesting to have "someone" directing goals for the project. But that makes me think, could we "have goals" in a more decentralized way? Now that would be really...
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    Evolution usernames - more discussion

    I heard @Chuck Williams talk in the E42 Dash Force Podcast about usernames. I've also seen a few forum posts (some responses from @Obusco ) about it, mentioning that it's been discussed "a lot" internally. Could you or some core team member(s) share some more details about what types of ideas...
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    Pre-Proposal | 'The DASH San Francisco Marathon 2018' - Title Sponsor & 'Official Payment Partner'

    What an interesting and exciting proposal! However, I have to echo what a few others have said... it may not be the best use of funds to push for mainstream advertising/adoption until "Evolution" is out and there's a more noticeable difference between BTC and Dash to the average user. Once it...
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    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    I was confused at first what you meant by that link, since you say you prefer the T&C logo and that article seems to point out why it's silly to think that way. But I see now that by "middle" you mean the positioning order in a survey. At first, I thought you meant most people prefer the...
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    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    GrandMasterDash showing some great artistic talent! :) I like how the "D" and "C" can read "Dash" or "Cash"! I also like Mark Mason's tripartite logo. I love how there are so many talented graphic designers in this thread! At the same time, I'd like to highlight Fernando's comment: "Our...
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    masternode not getting paid after updating to 12.2.2

    Ok guess I was just lucky and should have waited 3 more hours, I just got paid! The Port Check Error Message is still showing up, but not so worried anymore since it still seems like it's working fine. Happy new year everyone :)
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    masternode not getting paid after updating to 12.2.2

    I updated my MN to 12.2.2, and it hasn't been paid for 16 days. I updated to 12.2.2 over 11 days ago. When I check "./dash-cli masternode status" it does say "Masternode successfully started" In "./dash-cli masternode list" I do find my MN's transaction hash-index VIN And "./dash-cli mnsync...
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    Official Pre-Proposal: Proposal Evaluation Committee

    Thanks for the responses - some good points, and I'd like to respond to some of them: 1. I don't care much either about the terms. How about multiple groups? Multiple committees? That's the main point that I was agreeing with in my comment - having more diverse views and analyses, as opposed to...
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    Official Pre-Proposal: Proposal Evaluation Committee

    Thanks. So... when I wrote those responses, I was thinking about how to make MN Operator's better informed *before* needing to resort to a committee to do it. If the PEC were to simply help proposal owners present the info better, that's a type of proposal I would vote yes for. You'd be...
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    Official Pre-Proposal: Proposal Evaluation Committee

    Biltong, Thanks for taking the time to read some of my responses on reddit and looking more into "Wisdom of Crowds" and responding here. I can tell you've put in a lot of time and effort on preparing this "committee" (group, sub-dao, whatever), the write-ups are very detailed, and organizing...