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    Which of Dash's many attributes excites you the most?

    Yeap, you nailed it, and that is just the tip of the iceberg. Dash is programable money, meaning people can create systems on top of it without asking permission, which is kind of cool if you think about it.
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    Newbie questions

    There is a lot to discover... ;)
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    Newbie questions

    My mother is 60 and had no problems sending and receiving Dash and she actually liked it. That's just a way of saying that the App is intuitive and very well designed. Start by downloading the App: for Android .. for Iphone and setting it up. Then you will have an address for receiving and...
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    Dash Core Group Q2 2021 Quarterly Call - 22 July 2021

    Q2 2021 Quarterly Call Good one, professional and on point. DashDirect is definitely something to be excited about. I hope people can discover greatness through the mist.
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    Can I integrate DASH with my website?

    Integrate in what way? Take a look here
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    Is it possible to change the username?

    I hope you guys had a good weekend and are fresh as lick of paint. I was wondering if I can change my forum username, is it possible and if so, how?
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    DASH CoinJoin (Mixing) Guide and Best Practices

    Great tutorial, thanks!
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    Dash.Red: impulsando el conocimiento sobre Dash y facilitando el primer contacto con el dinero digit

    Que paso con este sitio? Es un concepto interesante.
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    Receive & send tips in Dash ―

    Well, the site is not meant to be used that way. Most of the people are going to land on the users page from a link they shared somewhere. Like the PayPal or Patreon donation systems. The main idea to expose profiles on the home page is to give it a community feel where people can explore other...
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    Receive & send tips in Dash ―

    That's one way of using your TMD link. You can share it wherever in whatever way you'd like. It's similar to Buy me a coffee but made to work with Dash. Let's say you have a blog, and you write a post or a tutorial that helps people, you can add your TMD link there, so users can tip you some...
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    Receive & send tips in Dash ―

    Go to the page of the user you want to tip then enter the amount and click on the tip button.
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    Receive & send tips in Dash ―

    Only one click needed Keep track of your tips Not only for people who need/want support Tippers make points when supporting other users never tipped by them before. The site allows to send private and public messages only when tipping. Having a page as a tipper can allow the recipient to...
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    Dash Core Group Q2 2021 Quarterly Call - 22 July 2021

    Interesting.. More Dash would be locked up reducing the amount available on exchanges, lowering the amount of Dash in circulation and by consequence increasing the price. Is this what you mean @pozo?