Gabriel Mitacchione

Hello there!

My name is Gabriel Mitacchione, I'm Venezuelan, 28 YO, I'm a Materials Engineer graduate from Universidad Simon Bolivar in Caracas, Venezuela.

I'm a former member and business consultant dedicated to merchant adoption from Dash Merchant Venezuela (5 months).

At the moment i am based in Madrid, Spain. I'm a MBA undergrad from Kuhnel Institute.

I've Been working for Dash Latam since it's beggining in January along with George Donnelly. My main focus is to lead the Remittances Project "Remesa Con Dash" from Europe to Venezuela si i'm in charge of Latam's Madrid Team.

Watch my introduction to the project:

At the same time i've been working in BizDev doing networking and preparing partnerships between Spanish companies in the crypto world and Dash.

I affiliated the first Madrid Dash Merchant "Cerveceria Schoppen" and coordinated the first Consumer adoption event "Dash Invita/Feria Dash"

Watch the video of the event here:

Some of my team's work in Madrid can be watched in Dash Latam Youtube or Socialnetworks like @Remesacondash @pagacondash

Watch the work by my team in Madrid here:




Recently i participated as a public speaker and the coworking/networking sessions in the Dash Convention Europe 2019 held in Zurich. (

Here you can watch my participation in the discussion panel held by Joel Valenzuela from DashForce along with Lawrence from and and Unchained, Supervisor of the DIF:


Very nice to meet you and say hi to all the Dash Community!

My LinkedIn: Gabriel Mitacchione (

My twitter: @gab_mit

Feel free to talk to me through Telegram or Discord:

Discord: gabomita

Telegram: Gabriel Alejandro Mitacchione

My Email: [email protected], [email protected]
Sep 25, 1991 (Age: 30)
Madrid, Europe
Dash Address
Engineer - Dash Latam Madrid Team Leader




Ing. Gabriel Mitacchione

Dash Latam Madrid team Coordinator


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