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    Equibit Tittle trading platform, hiring DASH Dev

    I never asked to be on the core team. Evan put me on once I said I was going full-time starting Dec. 25. I'm staying away from all this drama. The knife in my back hurts quite a bit. Later!
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    Equibit Tittle trading platform, hiring DASH Dev

    Yup. kot wanted me out. It's fine. I'll go away now. I'll work in the shadows to further improve Dash. If eduffield needs my help or any of the other devs you can reach me at [email protected]
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    Equibit Tittle trading platform, hiring DASH Dev

    And now I'm gone from the list? Seems like someone in the team doesn't have much of a sense of humor. fernando ? kot ? Not sure who else controls that website except maybe eduffield and flare
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    Equibit Tittle trading platform, hiring DASH Dev

    If you go to and start from the top and work your way down, you go from most qualified for such a job to least ( of course I should be higher up lol ). Do you know which programming language they're looking for?
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    the online wallet dash-wallet it's trustable?

    We need someone that is in charge of a botnet network to submit a proposal to overload that POS's server for the next 10 years. Scum of the earth right there. Thank you Bill for your 1.44 DASH sacrifice to make this point.
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    Can you sue a DAO?

    Evan is not a corporation. He is not dead (corp/corpse)oration. Don't fall for the stupid word games lawyers like to play. Most of them sicken me. If lawyers start to mess with us, we'll sic Private Attorney General Anthony Williams after them. I would reach out to him PERSONALLY.
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    Gavin Andressen To Join The Dash Team

    He is already part of the team because we forked all his code :cool: No but seriously, I get a weird vibe from Gavin and so does Trace Mayer and a lot of other well informed bitcoin/cryptocurrency enthusiasts. I would rather have Pieter Wuille jump on board.
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    DASH: Identity Problem (?)

    He actually went full-retard with Digibyte and Monero. I got his last video (which he also deleted b/c digibyte started tanking next day) on my comp. I might make a humorous compilation of all the flip-flops he has done one of these days.
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    URGENT: Well known Community Member MangledBlue was most likely hacked!

    All in due time my friend. Before I go on the show, I first want to have a production release so I actually have something to discuss or I'll feel like I'm grandstanding. Also, Evolution + ton of code restructuring is keeping me quite busy. Once Dash is #1 cryptocurrency :)
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    URGENT: Well known Community Member MangledBlue was most likely hacked!

    The risk of your online persona being hijacked is the reason why I have been a big proponent of the "Dash Round Table" because it adds a Human Element to the Dash community. Not only do you become familiar with the ideologies and personalities of the hosts (buster, oaxaca , fernando ) and...
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    Prioritization of fiat gateways

    Evan + Ira == ALL STAR TEAM I'm loving everything about this, especially the fact that we're divesting from PR and putting more resources into development/product.
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    Budget System v2 / Transform PR

    How about we take that $6,000 p/month and put it into development or into something that actually produces a product? Crazy idea huh? Why do we need OUTSIDE people to work for Dash? We have plenty of loyal Dash members that are capable of doing the same with much less. Funds shouldn't leave...
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    Budget Proposal Voting Status Table

    I'm sure Michael Terpin deserves his $4,400 a month even though I haven't even seen ONE video where that man even mentions DASH. Maybe I'm not digging deep enough in the Internet to find it, but shouldn't it be something easy to find if he's so good in marketing? Let's put that into perspective...
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    Reimbursement Proposal for the Dash N Drink Instantx Miami Demo

    This proposal has my full support. I worked with these guys first-hand while getting IX to work with the vending machine and seen all the extra fines/costs/mishaps that happened along the way. These guys are not asking for anything more than what they already put into the project from their...
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    Creating a NEW Proposal.....

    Here is documentation created by moocowmoo regarding creating/submitting a proposal:,Voting,andBudgets-Preparation I was unaware of this...