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    Pre-Proposal: Alt Thirty Six + Dash Sponsorships 2018

    My only concern is when will someone be able to buy cannibis in a sore with dash?
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    DashRemix makes Masternode voting easy with unbiased ratings of budget proposals and voting APIs

    I would rather see a beta version before funding this as this seems not to have a tangible return to the network. Yes it means less work for mno but we are compensated decently by the network to review proposals. Also automated voting makes me nervous. What is your experience with dash? Why...
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    How to onboard 300,000 new users in one geographic location

    Start small and work to the get bigger threw slow growth not there 0-60.
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    How to onboard 300,000 new users in one geographic location

    What about dash direct. It is a project in Africa that gives a universal basic income from donations. May want to see how they run it.
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    I was robbed by dash

    So u are upset about 2 .10 usd to fee. Could u provide the wallet address?
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    Mining colocation

    Well a lot of data centers once you say crypto want a 6 month security deposit plus 2 years rent up front. Also thier fees are extremely high when you compare it to power costs.
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    Pre-Proposal: The Indeterminacy Festival and Immersive Decentralization

    Interesting. How have previous festivals been funded?
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    Pre-Proposal Poker/Twitch/Ambassador

    greencandle general has set milestones and once you hit a milestone they release the funds. So 25 dash a month. What is the planned distribution of these funds? I am uncertain this is good use of the budget. If you would of already had something going and proven result then 25 dash could be very...
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    Pre-Proposal Poker/Twitch/Ambassador

    For something like this I’d like to see 1-2 months at a time or use an escrow like Do you currently have a flowing on playing poker via twitch stream or will you be starting a new stream channel?
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    darkcoin pool fee back there

    This help u at all? They paid pplns 1% fee
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    Which masternodes voted and what exactly voted on various proposals.

    Wouldn’t it be a good idea to put this data in a database then you could cross reference votes and stuff easier?
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    Warka Water tower for clean drinking water in Haiti

    This looks interesting how many people would be affected? How much would it be todo more then one?
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    What Happens to Your Cryptocurrency If You Get Hit By a Bus?

    I have 3 safety deposit boxes at 3 different banks. They each have a 1in binder with step by step instructions and contacts for 6 people I have know in crypto for about 8 years now. Also they each hold 1 third of my account seeds and 1 third of the private keys for some of my address that don’t...
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    I am amazed #masternodes

    We have dash ninja and dashcentral. Dashcentral has an app if I remember right.
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    Masternode owners!!

    You can monitor here.