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    v0.10.15 - Onyx Release

    This feels like a grave for masternode owners. He mined in 12 days 1800 Darkcoins. Now he is getting paid every 5 minutes. The network doesnt look healthy in case of distribution since a while. If this trend goes on after the next fork im also out. I appreciate the hard work of everyone, but...
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    v0.10.15 - Onyx Release

    The miner(XhBLSR1HhoaWrdGgrjCHxJkCWWiFFhveHs) that recently only paid his own masternode, has it now even easier... He just has not to pay any node and earns the full block reward nice... How is this even possible are we going backwards :/
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    Development Update - Oct 1, 2014

    1) Enforce masternodes! I slowly lose fate if this ever will happen... I mean its still a decentralised project so i think the community is ready or do we wait for evan?
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    Everything working fine so far with the new release great job @all.
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    Development Update - August 19, 2014

    Thats the reason masternodes getting payed? You deliver a service you earn reward.
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    RC4 Launch

    Yes thats mostly it. I think just evan should point it out in the main topic that the key size is increased from 100 to 1000. All people that came from bitcoin to dark dont know that. If you never used darkcoin before Rc4 it doesnt matter. In my case i could not even start recovering anything...
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    RC4 Launch

    Thanks dude. This information is crucial for people they are using live ubuntu cds. Every time you boot you delete everything also your wallet.dat. I have no idea why i did a backup it was 50 : 50 chance to do so, i could shutdown the computer and lost a hell of a coins. I think there will be...
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    RC4 Launch

    Doesnt make sense. It was a old wallet backup. It must work when you start RC4... it did work. It generated a new address in addition after i was using darksend+. Wallets are always backwards compatible. You miss the point. I was using probably 50 different coin wallets that are based on bitcoin...
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    RC4 Launch

    I see a problem. I did denominate coins, made a backup after it just in case. Now i bought some more cheap coins transfered in in to the wallet where also the denominated coins have been. When i put in the old backup all the coins that has been denominated are gone, only the transfered coins...
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    RC3 Soft Fork

    blackempress Nice to hear. But you and your friend(reddit) said you dumped all drk. So who cares...
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    Corrupt Masternode Walet after RC3 soft fork

    blackempress. Doesnt really make sense to me you are since 2009 in bitcoin. How you dont have backups on a usb stick? Why are your backups corrupted as well, impossible? If its true im sorry for you.
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    RC3: Hard Fork on June 20th!

    Looks like masternode payments are working and the chain looks also healthy far as i can tell? When you watch the difficulty some pools might be on the wrong chain. http://explorer.darkcoin.io/address/XhwZyFDpou7b6dJ3E12mnb1fXR4Awf2LPF
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    Master-node setup guide for your NORMAL VPS v1.0 WORK IN PROGRESS !

    Now it works! Yamada you really have to remove the part with downloading the git, because you will get version 90411 without masternode support even if you later replace it with the rc darkcoind. On debian you need glibc if someone has issues like this. ./darkcoind...
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    Master-node setup guide for your NORMAL VPS v1.0 WORK IN PROGRESS !

    Yeah this is pretty standard, but if you are new to linux you can mess around with iptables that you are not able to login via ssh again, if you have no local access ^^. :) Digital Ocean has a good libary with tutorials for beginners aswell...