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    Baikal reporting ETH stratum

    I manage my Baikals via MiningRigRentals and normally MRR reports the server software as "sgminer/4.9.4" Without warnin or any changes, lately a few of my miners are reporting "ETH-StratumV miner" and then refuses to mine X11. I can then no longer use them at MRR. Anyone else have this...
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    Changing hostname on Baikals

    Baikal confirmed that you can not change the hostname
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    Directory for Baikal logs

    I'm trying to connect to a new pool but the iBaikal mini miner keeps disconnecting. Does anyone know which directory, and filename, for the actual log files for analysis?
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    Changing hostname on Baikals

    Has anyone successfully changed the hostname on their Baikals? I have several minis and I've changed the name in a few different file locations but they never show up in an IP Scanner (I use AngryIP scanner). If someone has successfully changed it please post the path and filename?