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    [advanced] Running masternodes in containers

    I'm actually doing compiling and using bootstrap stuff now.. thanks to UdjinM6. I also have a testnet flag if anyone is interested in that stuff I can update this guide. Or if you have any requests/suggestions surrounding containerization I'd love to hear them.
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    [advanced] Running masternodes in containers

    Guide to host a masternode on for ~$12USD/Month To use this guide you will need the following pieces of information: account and download the command line utility(hyper) masternode private key exactly 1000 dash sitting in a new address with no other tx's in it. knowledge of...
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    How can I know my Payment queue position

    There is a tool by moocowmoo that will show you your queue position. His github project is called dashman. I've stolen his queue calculation for my own script: #!/bin/bash #shows ranks of your masternodes defined in ~/.dashcore/masternodes.conf #or shows ranks of masternodes specified as...