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    Darkcoin Ambassador Group

    I'am in too :) but am occupied atm I could start helping out part time :smile:
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    Bitcoin prices plummet, Time to unlink ! Today, the bitcoin prices have gone below 200$. This is an example of why we should decouple from bitcoin. I think still think that one of the best ways to do so is by establishing a seperate Darkcoin to fiat exchange. run by...
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    Enhanced Darkcoin Wallet UI

    Hey Could we get a donate button to the darkcoin foundation :smile:
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    Mirrors of on Masternodes?

    this is kinda similar to what the bittorrent community is looking at
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    Great idea!
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    How can I trust Darkcoin?

    Best explanation yet, hands down :cool:
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    Why dont we make our own Zero Fee Exchange ? Run by the foundation and the community members, backed by advertisments :cool: It will be transparent, and as soon as you buy your coins you can darksend (wash em)
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    Dash Worldwide Translators

    Since we Dutch are forumless i'll post it here: Welkom Francis Reynders bij het team! Francis heeft zich aangesloten bij het team als een core-ontwikkelaar en heeft een academische graad in de computerwetenschappen. Verder is hij Linux LPIC-2 gecertificeerd en heeft meer dan 20 jaar ervaring...
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    How can I trust Darkcoin?

    Let me reassure you: You don't have to be a genius to understand it (maybe to create it ) :grin: It just requires some research, here are some links that might help you Also try going on testnet it might help your understanding of Darkcoin under the hood...
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    WTS New Darkcoin abstract paintings

    Love that art! First thing I'll buy with my darkcoin millions lol :tongue:
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    Revolutionary idea for Darkcoin

    I would love to see this! and would love to help structure this!
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    Get Into The Dark! (NEW RELEASES)

    Love it! Excellent way to start the day! Breakfast of champs! Especially the start "we are on block xxx, there are xxx masternodes" and the end "don't forget to see the light and get into the dark! " Makes me chuckle and excites me to start the day. :grin: One small note I would like Bill...
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    it would be really cool if we have a debate among Duffiled, Metcalf (XC), Monero dev, Atlas

    Hey guys setting this discussion up would be a great goal for 2015 :smile: btw can also be hosted by the WorldCryptoNetwork.