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    DashPay will be built into the existing native mobile wallets on Android and iOS.

    @QuantumExplorer This is becoming even more puzzling... If you believe 1 developer could create a wallet in 6 months then why can't DCG create a team of 3 or 4 devs and have them create it in a few months as well as bringing the JS libraries up to date? Can you please explain why JS has been...
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    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    I'm just wondering... if you had access to the logo many weeks ago, why did the community not also have access to the logo many weeks ago so we could have had a proper debate over a longer time period. As it stands the debate is going to be rushed and the voting will also be rushed, which is not...
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    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    Totally agree...
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    Pre-Proposal - Visual Identity

    being creative...
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    Poll: Vote on our next animated Dash commercial!

    I like pitch 1 because it's simple and highlights one of Dash's key features effectively and with entertainment, which makes it memorable. Pitch 2 is trying to say to much and also feels arrogant in trying to predict the future and pushing that vision in viewers faces. This pitch is also...
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    Rise of the Machines: Blockchain-Based Governance

    Great Article... This is the type of quality we need to start pushing out to the press ourselves... Edit: More quality articles like this about IX and PrivacyProtect Would be great.
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    Pre-Proposal Discussion: Amanda Johnson Full Time Dash Ambassador

    Do we have a break down of what the current public-awareness proposal (2156 DASH per month) is spent on and could Amanda be paid through this budget instead of creating a new proposal? I think Amanda would be a great ambassador for DASH. Bitcoin has Andreas, who connects well with the geeks in...
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    A vision of what Evolution could be, in real life examples

    I believe that's were Evolution is going... The DAPI will make it very easy for DASH to be integrated into Games, Web Apps, IoT... etc. DASH will explode in the next 2 years as the team makes it very easy for everybody to use.
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    VPS for hosting masternodes, payment in crypto

    I only created an account with them yesterday because I heard from a good source that they were very reliable (which is what I wanted) and cheap. Sorry, at this point that's all I know about them...
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    VPS for hosting masternodes, payment in crypto - Pay in BTC
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    The North American Bitcoin Conference Thread

    I think eduffield needs to speak to Patrick Byrne from Overstock.They need a ledger that can support thousands of transactions a second for their t0 stock market system.
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    Invoice Payment through Dash Evolution

    Wow... Very user friendly
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    Anybody ???

    I'll send him a PM for you... Edit: Done
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    Anybody ???

    I would if I had it, but mine are all tied up in MN's - I suggest you ask OTOH. I've had no problems when dealing with him.