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  1. D - First Dash-Exclusive Web Wallet

    As mentioned I'm being completely honest about the other interested parties in this domain name. If you read my background you would see I founded & have managed the largest web brokerage company in the US for premium web properties valued from $1mm-$10mm since 2011. I even linked my company URL...
  2. D - First Dash-Exclusive Web Wallet

    I have to disagree on both fronts. Bitcoin and ETH both have multiple web-wallets, each provides similar functions, but at the same time they each have different features which benefit users. Additionally the main goal is to further expand Dash to as many users as possible - the more wallet...
  3. D - First Dash-Exclusive Web Wallet

    No, but we have seen the damage they have done to Dash which is one of the reasons we created It's a shame they have ripped so many people off, and is one of the main reasons it's important the budget proposal is approved so we can secure the #1 spot on Google for...
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    I Think I've Messed Up

    I would say try to contact Poloniex support but they aren't exactly known for quick customer service times... Wish you all the luck getting your coins back, we're working on a new Dash Wallet that will hopefully eliminate issues like this in the future.
  5. D - First Dash-Exclusive Web Wallet

  6. D - First Dash-Exclusive Web Wallet

    DEVELOPMENT OF EXCLUSIVE DASH-ONLY WEB WALLET - DASHWALLET.COM DASH needs and should have an exclusive, Dash-only web based wallet. In order for Dash to expand further and reach our goal of becoming the world-wide 'Digital Cash' we need a user-friendly, intuitive and secure web wallet that even...