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Welcome to my Profile Page!

- So who is Dash4Ever and what does he do ?
Dash4ever is a guy closer to 30 years old who loves computers and technical stuff. In his daily routine he promotes Dash without any fee, he want's people to realize what the currency has to offer.

He joined the Dash forum @ 2015, back then everything was very diffrent.

Especially value per Dash.

He wanted to invest in a currency that he believed in. He was looking around in forums, read about various crypto currencies and more.

Finally he decided that Dash has everything that might be of use in the future.

Began mine dash and even bought a cloud mining contract. Then came ASIC miners and took over the stage.

Now it was the only choice to buy Dash or trading of crypto currencies or run a MasterNode.

Decided to go all in and buy 1000 Dash for a price of 2,000 dollars and start up my Masternode.

I have not regretted one day since. My best investment of all time, if I could turn back time, I had bought so much Dash I could.

Could write a book about this, so much love for this currency.

So with that said, In Dash I believe!

// Dash4Ever

Dash Address


I belive in Dash!