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    Corrupt dashman installer???

    thank you. I will go back to manual install and updating
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    Corrupt dashman installer???

    Hello all, I have a couple masternodes that I operate. A few months back I transitioned to using dashman to update them. most of them have worked great. I have had troubles with one though. It entered pose ban status and I did not do enough research to figure out how to fix it so I reinstalled...
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    Bill Payments and Bank Transfers to 45,000 billers in Australia

    I dont see your rational. Just because a large part of the user base may not care for the privacy aspect; that shouldn't change the remaining user bases ability and desire to use the privacy functions of this incredible currency.
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    Error in Updater Version 5

    sorry I did not replay to that question. No i did not install the scripts. I did the firewall check that you suggested and it is open.I have a couple masternodes that I have been operating for over a year. They are functional and I use dash central to watch for when they drop off the active...
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    Error in Updater Version 5

    Thank you for your help. I mis typed my public address. on to my final step. * 8. Enable automatic masternode restart on crash or hang ************************************ Edit dashcentral.conf and set the value "daemon_autorestart" to "enabled". Also make sure that the path to the DASH daemon...
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    Error in Updater Version 5

    Thank you for your response. This is my first one to set up and I cant seem to get it going. my dashcentral.conf file looks like this ################ # dashcentral-updater configuration ################ our %settings = ( # Enter your DashCentral api key here 'api_key' =>...
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    Error in Updater Version 5

    I am getting the same error. What was your solution to (masternode not registered with this account) ? Thanks
  8. Darkuopm - masternode monitoring and budget voting

    Thank you for making this. I am trying to get it set up but I appear to be doing something wrong. When I try to run the dashwhale-updater/dwupdater I get Data POST to Dashwhale failed with code: 401 Data POST to Dashwhale with message: Unauthorized I am a beginner and have managed to set up a...
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    Development Update - June 2, 2015

    OK, so I just had a thought/question. What happens when the supper block is mined as far as minners payment and masternode payment. Is it like winning the lottery? supperblock = supper payments?
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    Vote: Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    I know this is late in the discussion; I have mostly been reading as time permitted, however I did not see this particular idea presented and if it was I apologize that I missed it. Just a small suggestion on the voting system of the Master Nodes. I agree that allowing Master Nodes Operators...
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    Self-sustainable Decentralized Governance by Blockchain

    I think you have some interesting thoughts on the subject but nothing is set in there to stop the masternodes form voting for a disbursement of funds to be split among the masternodes. So if through careful diligence and oversight there grows an excess of funds, in theory they could be returned...
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    Reuben's Start Multiple Masternodes from One Wallet Guide (start-many)

    If your dash is set up as standard on a windows machine then yuo put your masternode.conf file in users/"your user name"/AppData/Roaming/Dash along with your dash.conf It might also be worth mentioning that I didnt change anything in my dash.conf file on my remote setup
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    Thanks suddenly the help command makes alot more sense. Next question why do I get different results when using the vp damion vs the local console? The linux shows as enabled but the console showed expired then a min later returned blank info. all the while linux is reporting enabled. So I re-...
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    Thank you for the response. I am feeling rather incompetent as I have already seen that list but cant seem to form the command correctly to "filter". I am sure it is simple and I will kick myself later. What I'm looking for is the actual command. IE: masternodelist filter ip or...
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    11.2 - Dash Release

    Simple question. On my linux vpn I can search teh masternode list for my ip with ./dashd masternode list | grep But i cant seem to figure out the correct comand from within my local windows qt console. I can get the entire masternode list but I cant search for just my address...