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    DASH scammer on facebook

    There is a DASH scammer who created an account "DASH" and is messaging people that they have won 14 Dash from the DASH development foundation. They then want you to enter your private key to receive the funds - lol. Obviously some people will fall for this and it will be bad for DASH...
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    A warning about General Bytes

    I'm glad a just did this search. I was getting ready to purchase from them and have run into issues before ever completing the contract. 1. website says free international shipping, then the contract stipulates you must pay for it. 2. I was ready to purchase and pay for this on the day I sent...
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    NEW MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Introduce yourself...

    Hello Everyone, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am not completely new, as I have been lurking here for more than a year, but until now I've been keeping quiet since I didn't feel like I could make a meaningful contribution. I want to thank Evan specifically and all...
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    V12 Release

    I have four masternodes, two haven't received any payments in 9 and 10 days, and the other two have received 5 payments in the last 48 hours.
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    Moocowmoo's Magic Masternode Maker

    I just setup 2 masternodes with you. Thanks, very easy install
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    yidakee's Helpdesk & Masternode Setup Services (GhostPlayer on Bitcointalk)

    Yay! I'm now the proud owner of my very own Masternode. Thank you very much Yidakee. Great service
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    yidakee's Helpdesk & Masternode Setup Services (GhostPlayer on Bitcointalk)

    Hi Yidakee, I'm ready whenever you are. got my coins and server credentials. I will be around all afternoon and evening (-6 gmt) today and tomorrow. You can yell at me on Skype anytime to coordinate. Sorry, not sure how to send a PM on here
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    yidakee's Helpdesk & Masternode Setup Services (GhostPlayer on Bitcointalk)

    Hi Yidakee, I sent you a request to add me to Skype. I would like you to setup a server for me. Thanks