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    Hello: I'm Darren Tapp (汤德润) a DIF Supervisor.

    Much appreciated. Thank you.
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    Hi Glenn, like many others I am concerned that DCG may not have put aside much funding 'for the...

    Hi Glenn, like many others I am concerned that DCG may not have put aside much funding 'for the rainy day' that is "Evo specific marketing" as some of the larger fragments of Dash Platform come online for mainstream consumer interaction. Why not have more than enough "money in the bank" for...
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    Get Free DASH Stickers

    I would like some free stickers thanks (and I can tip for them). Australia.
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    Rename Dash Core Group

    Journalists generally are incompetent fools and/or professional liars and political activists. I am certainly open to DCG changing their name. WHERE ARE THE DOCILE PR AGENCY PPL ON THIS MATTER?
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    Dash for Cash? It’s Coming (Pre-proposal)

    Can you provide examples of funding other cryptocurrencies networks have provided your team please.
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    Announcing my departure from Dash Core Group

    I don't know how to code...but thanks for your work thus far Andy. I would be interesting in hearing you on the 3 Amigos podcast.
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    What's Going on at Dash?

    Thanks Core. Lots of interesting things going on. I notice more dev hiring. :)
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    Pre -Budget Proposal Discussions: The Territory of DASH. Part 3. Representation in the CIS countries

    Hi there, I do see you are doing some great work. It is great to see the presence at the Russian speaking conferences etc. '5581' is the amount subscribers. Subscribers don't necessarily watch your content. The quality of the Youtube videos is pretty good. Subscriber counts are almost...
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    Proposal: Core Team Public Relations (July)

    Should I vote for this company? My following questions seek not to cause conflict. I'm just wondering and maybe asking the wrong questions :-) in good faith.. 1) So what are the main home runs Wachsman has hit so far for Dash? 2) What is an instance of Dash crisis management Wachsman has...
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    Changes to DCG managed Escrows

    Fair calls Brad. cheers
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    Block 4137 (186,302.1943 DASH mined). What likely happened to the coins? Educated answers please.

    OH WOW! I was under the incorrect impression that the 186,000 Dash was an anomalous single block reward! I was reading the 'VALUE OUT' column as block rewards, thus my confusion!!!!: Please both message me or post receive address here for...
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    Block 4137 (186,302.1943 DASH mined). What likely happened to the coins? Educated answers please.

    Hi, part of a long delayed video I am producing about the fastmine, I want to touch on what happened to BLOCK 4137 as honestly and impartially as I is possible. When I look through the transactions from this massive single mined block I see many allotments of 1000 Dash although they...
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    Project Constellation: A Consumer-Focused Dash Explainer Video

    A general note: Luckily, we have decentralised diverse nations on this planet rather than one "same same" globalised nation. This means companies can move to another country to another if need be to operate under a different legal structure. Racial groups can flourish in their own regions such...
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    What's Going on at Dash - April 2018

    "Fixing Block explorer" ? I have started using the block explorer. It seems to be better with detection of new wallets. cheers for the updates.
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    Ignore Dash: Branding as THE COIN for "Instant Confirmations"

    I can see Amanda is looking at various ways to advertise, and that she is being grounded and honest about them. I will vote 'YES' for this proposal. Importantly, Amanda gets Dash over say O&M, and Amanda has a mind that seeks new horizons (the reason she transitioned to Dash from BTC). 'Instant...