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As President of CoinStructive, a Bitcoin & Blockchain consulting firm, located in San Diego, Chris Groshong has developed a team that is furthering the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption. With a focus on clarity, CoinStructive provides an obstacle-free transition for businesses and enterprises who are interested in using cryptocurrencies or blockchain tech as part of their business strategy.

They are solutions architects, problem solvers and help fill the gaps in your business model. CoinStructive’s fundamental goal is not only to help organizations reach theirs, but to do so in a way that empowers Founders, Boards and Entrepreneurs to make educated, well informed and confident business decisions.

Since January 2015, CoinStructive has been building its network and experience in the industry across multiple verticals like Supply Chains, Renewable Energy, Stable Coins, Ethereum DApps, Entertainment, Privacy Coins to name a few.

We have helped companies with Token Design, Mechanics and Economics. We also offer a wide array of services like Marketing, Biz Operations, Biz Dev, Market Research, Application Scope, Branding, Strategic Partnerships, Sales, Connections to Capital, a global network with comprehensive advisory services. For areas where we don’t directly offer services, we have a set of vetted partners for Legal, Tax, Accounting and Compliance.

I have made it my mission, and also the company’s goal, to stay involved in the community by evangelizing blockchain technologies. It starts with our involvement and organization of the San Diego Bitcoin Meetup group, our regulatory policy related work in the US, our educational training platform for Bankers & Law Enforcement and our podcast, LAB Radio.
Jan 3, 2000 (Age: 24)
San Diego, CA
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