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    Open Letter to CEO Ryan Taylor and DASH Stakeholders

    Because it would push merchants away because of the difficulty that is right now to integrate dash? And therefore push away the same merchants that tried to integrate by that time when evolution is launched?
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    Will Dash Evloution be Shoppable?

    If you are thinking that dash would include that on the evo wallet, just for the ones that seems to doesn't want to use the currency, you can turn around and already start thinking on your own 3rd party market place wallet, dash would never spend it's time on someone that have no interest on...
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    Will Dash Evloution be Shoppable?

    I remember Evan had said in the past that on the Evo wallet we would be able to search the merchants, but I don't remember if anything about listing was said and I think it would not be a good idea to clutter the main wallet with this, a 3rd party could do that. Also, what are you thinking with...
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    on-chain scaling vs off-chain

    Masternodes and miners are paid already for their services - in fact transactions should be free right now - I see a problem by the time all the coins have been mined because of this, by that time is when the fees should come into play. Having fees by now till there, what will be the incentive...
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    Dash lacking research papers

    I was an idiot trying to be helpful.
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    Dash needs to implement Shadowcash technology and truly be anonymous.

    Yeah, this is the only thing on development that they have yet to complete.
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    Dash needs to implement Shadowcash technology and truly be anonymous.

    Yeah. And they are already ahead. This monday it's main dev reported that the DWAPI feature is already completed, so they already have Evolution and these features are just waiting to deploy. After that they are only lefting to release the wallets on the mobile stores and they'll be done - like...
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    Dash needs to implement Shadowcash technology and truly be anonymous.

    Why no one has cited Vcash? People in this thread are talking (mainly the devs) like it would be impossible to have a stronger and instant anonimity without breaking the scalability and that by doing it would "produce a currency that is radically slower " but we see it's not the case with Vcash...
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    LaBitConf 2016 Argentina

    That was it? No news about Evo?
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    LaBitConf 2016 Argentina

    Thanks, I think in the op was linked the yesterday's.
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    LaBitConf 2016 Argentina

    Livestream is not working. :/
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    Evolution will also be a bitcoin wallet

    Wait for Evolution release and then Exodus implement it and you will get all of this. A multi currecy third-party wallet would give all the benefits carried by your idea and wouldn't incur in costs and efforts for the Dash team/network. Nice for a 3rd party wallet but won't support it in Evo's...
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    Universal Dividend and Web of Trust for Dashcoin

    Omg, there's no "future", there's only "present", what already happened and what will yet happen. You are crazy and all you said is nonsense. You are defending theft and backing it up with a full retard nonsense, and yet defending that it last forever. By now I'm just ignoring you. If you want...