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    Forward proposal funds to proposal owner

    block 797568 : last sb 14 Not yet redeemed Xn62J9U2pyxbsaqhaQAGjsPboVEtmuG3uN 405.0 DASH dash-cli gobject get a074cbad9fc3e9692c630321cc0e4cb26a5ed87eb44fa1b7a47f0c6ee6a379ab { "DataHex"...
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    P2Pool Can't start my Dash pool

    use and update dashed to 12.2.1
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    P2Pool Can't start my Dash pool

    First try to change rpcpassword. If your rpcpassword has special chrater(s), remove it and restart dashd, then test p2pool. and dash.conf should have at least following config. rpcuser=dashrpc#change rpcpassword=veryvey-long-complicatedpassword=#change rpcallowip= rpcbind=
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    dashmnb confusion(s)

    looks like you have many txs(!). chaage this line to like 100 checking_gap = 100
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    dashmnb confusion(s)

    following lines are needed addressindex=1 spentindex=1 txindex=1
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    dashmnb confusion(s)

    I have tested local rpc, it's way faster on check `bip32 unused address` than remote service. First use for dash.conf sample dash.conf rpcuser=xxxxx rpcpassword=xxxxx rpcallowip= rpcbind= rpcport=9998 server=1...
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    dashmnb confusion(s)

    I will test local dashd rpc( again as 12.2 has very fast sync.
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    P2Pool Script to deploy P2Pool on Ubuntu

    @UdjinM6 Looks like error Warning message form fresh synced dashd(DIP0001). reload/restart dashd is current solution. A user reported that Sentinel refused to run when dashd has this Warning. dash-cli getinfo { "version": 120201, "protocolversion": 70208, "walletversion": 61000...
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    System crashed when I submitted budget proposal

    Do you have copy of the text you entered on your wallet to make 5 Dash transaction ? gobject prepare 0 1 unixtimestamp_1 hex_data_1 --> return a_txid next step is gobject submit 0 1 unixtimestamp_1 hex_data_1 the_txid_prepare_returned[ --> return a_hash_of_your_proposal /CODE]
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    P2Pool Setup help

    I think the file `addr` contains ips of peer p2pools. @Gui Which list do you refer ? like ? Do not edit the `addr` file. Pool Node Listing A group of frequently asked question about the P2Pool Node Listing showing...
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    How to get BIP32 from 12.2 QT with -usehd

    ah. I mean email.. for GPG curl | gpg --import
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    How to get BIP32 from 12.2 QT with -usehd

    you can use chaeplin at
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    How to get BIP32 from 12.2 QT with -usehd

    Which version do you use(download or own build) ? Which OS/Version do you use ? How do you run dashd ? How do you set keypool size first time ? Is your wallet encrypted ? Which command do you use to get a new address ? Do you have any account set up ? Does fresh wallet (just usehd=1 and no...
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    Version 12.2 release

    @camosoul Do you use proxy ? If , which proxy SW do you use ?