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    dash? do not understand why people still buy this dead coin

    Not everything takes off the same way. Lots of people are investing in meme coins to turn around a quick profit rather than investing in long term projects. It's just the phase that crypto is going through at the moment.
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    Why Dash is the best crypto for gambling!

    Not seen any in the UK as of yet!
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    Question about how Dash can scale

    Still getting to grips with all of this lol! Steep learning curve for sure!
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    China's crackdown, Dash needs to move away from X11

    PoW is the goal and gas of the crypto consensus world and will be largely replaced with PoS for sure. But despite that if crypto as a whole and those that use PoW can be used to innovate better ways of producing electricity then it will leave a lasting legacy.
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    Super exited about the Dash Roadmap 2021

    Some exciting stuff happening in Q4 too.
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    Why Dash is the best crypto for gambling!

    Be interesting to see how many mainstream bookies start accepting Dash so they can do away with some of the dreadful money vendors some use (Neteller anyone!)
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    The PoW Extinction Event within 10 - 20 years

    Yeah the die is cast already with tracking people etc. It stands to reason governments will come after cryptos that offer genuine anonymity down the line.
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    Newbie questions

    It comes into it's own as well as other cryptos too to be fair when it comes to overseas payments and not having to bother with getting ripped off with exchange rates.
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    Rare price hop

    Still undervalued imo
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    Which of Dash's many attributes excites you the most?

    The collection of all the features is what drew me to Dash.
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    NEW Forum MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Please Read & Reply

    Hi there! New to Dash and from the UK. Looking forward to discussing bits with you all :)