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    Dash Trip - Introducing Dash as a Payment Method in the Tourism Sector of Venezuela

    I know Marco personally and I trust his work. It's a great opportunity to see Dash in important tourist destinations where the other cryptocurrencies have not arrived. You have my support in whatever you need, brother. Greetings.
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    Pre-Proposal: DASH Guayana–Venezuela

    Regards for our community. In this moment, the Dash Guayana Proyect is in troubles. We are motivated to present Dash in our city, regrettably we not has been financed by community. We have identified the shortcomings of our initial proposal and we have reformulated to optimize resources and...
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    Pre-Proposal: Dash Youth Venezuela - Lectures about DASH in Schools and Universities of Caracas.

    I'm proud to see how this team works. You have my support to expand this initiative to all around the country. Greetings from Guyana.
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    Importance of Escrow

    Hello, i think the escrow works to give confiability to the community and it's a good way to manage budget for monthly events. It Works to promove the budget use been the correectly way and in this sense we have include "Dash Guayana proyect" in Dash central. For me it's positive the use of...
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    Directorio comercial interactivo

    Hola, concuerdo con los consejos que te ha brindado @jesccs ya que no queda suficientemente claro cual es el objeto del hilo de conversación ni de la propuesta. ¿Quieres crear una campaña de marketing para esta plataforma? ¿o que a través de esta se realicen pagos en Dash? Recuerda que el...
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    Pre-Proposal: DASH Guayana–Venezuela

    Thank you for following our proposal and updates Jorge. We will help our country and its people through Dash and the best thing about this is that it is a win-win relationship because the Dash community also benefits. I think it's important to remember a personal thought and that if the great...
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    Pre-Proposal: DASH Guayana–Venezuela

    Hello, it's a pleasure to greet you and answer your concern about our proposal. I agree with you, the impact that a massive conference can have in principle must be reinforced through a closer treatment with the users, that is why since the Dash Guayana team we have been giving talks and...
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    Proposal for 2 conferences in SPAIN teaching about Dash as FinTech Proyect

    Yes, I believe that this type of proposal is effective in spreading and publicizing Dash and the power of cryptocurrencies around the world. Education is the first need for us and I mean the community, since people understand how Dash works and see its potential, adoption and use will be a thing...
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    DashNexus - The Next Generation Dash Governance Platform

    Hey, it looks amazing, it shows us that you took the time to prepare this and the results are good. The only thing I would recommend is that you could make a video here in the pre-proposal that will help you to show more quickly what the project is about, so that you get more effective...
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    Pre-Proposal: DASH Guayana–Venezuela

    I agree with you. Dash has decided to support Venezuela and the Venezuelan people have decided to support themselves. This shows us the potential of our people and I personally hope that they continue to develop projects that add up, because Dash and our country benefit. Step by step we will...
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    DASH community in Japan

    I undrstand the situation in your country, center of cryptocurrecies in the world, the NEM hack on coincheck and more play us negatively. I think thtat the development across Blockchain and cryptocurrencies don't have brake and that success is only being expected. Mt. gox among other...
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    Actually this type of initiatives allow us to move towards the adoption of cryptocurrencies around the world. I think everything about spreading and promoting Dash is good and more if it is led by committed people. I have great expectations of this and would like to see it in action. You have my...
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    Pre-Proposal: DASH Guayana–Venezuela

    Is a big step for the adoption of cryptocurrencies like dash in Venezuela. I leave the decree for anyone who wants to review it. It should be added that publication in the Official Gazette is pending
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    Pre-Proposal: DASH Guayana–Venezuela

    Marco It's a pleasure for us to have you here. I agree with you, this is necessary taking into account the economic situation of the country and the benefits that Dash has to offer. Thanks for your support.
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    Dash Jobs for Venezuela

    Hello, it's definitely a good idea, I'm sure that the workers will be happy to accept Dash as payment for their services, given the lack of valuation of the Bolivar and its many other benefits. I'm a lawyer and I work with entrepreneurs and companies on cryptocurrencies and I accept payments in...