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    Will DM you @Anika Saxena
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    Hey @Victor Tabram - I'll DM you
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    Hey @kempenovak - really sorry you're having trouble. Can you DM me your order details please and I will try and get this sorted for you?
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    Hey @Joshpace28 - Sorry mate. I've not been on for a few days and missed this. Are you still having problems? Let me know and I'll do my best to help out
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    Not enough for full node, what to do then?

    Busted by feds? For what? As for death, you'd have to ask him about that, but as he asked me about me having a plan if I died, I'd guess he's covered. But like I say, a valid point that I'm sure he'll be happy to discuss. Running away also possible of course. He handles a lot of money for a...
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    Not enough for full node, what to do then?

    I, and certainly many others here, would recommend splawiks masternode share service. I have used him for a long time for partial masternode shares. Great guy and really helpful. I cashed some out only a few days ago and had the dash returned within minutes. Calling @splawik21
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    Hi @Zedy sorry for the late reply. Can you please pm me with more details like your name and amount and order reference and I will get this sorted for you
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    Dash Logo

    Hi Dale Try here
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    Charles Hoskinson from Ethereum Classic Asks Questions to the DASH Community About DASH

    Really great job guys. Thanks for your efforts. Much appreciated :)
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    Updated and Redesigned Dash Android Wallet now on GooglePlay:

    That looks amazing. Nice work guys. D̶o̶w̶n̶l̶o̶a̶d̶i̶n̶g̶ Updating now :)
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    Darkcoin just announced it's Open Source Code !!! ....>>

    Haha, sounds like fun mate. Rather you than me ;)
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    No problem, my pleasure. Thanks again for your patience and custom. :D