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    Dash Core Group Q3 2019 Summary Call - Thursday, 14 November 2019

    Dear @xkcd Fiat currencies are already established, they already have millions of users, cryptocurrencies not. And you believe that people will switch to using crypto despite its extreme price swings ? If I live under a rock than you live in a dreamworld... Almost no one is going to be using...
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    Dash Core Group Q3 2019 Summary Call - Thursday, 14 November 2019

    @GrandMasterDash Until we get significant number of people using DASH in their daily life I prefer to have it somehow pegged to something that is currently better store of value (gold, silver, USD or whatever). I know that USD is pretty worthless, but imo we need to provide new users of DASH...
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    Dash Core Group Q3 2019 Summary Call - Thursday, 14 November 2019

    Is DCG actively researching ways to provide DASH price stability in terms of USD (eg. some sort of DASH based stable token) or is it still counting on "mass adoption" to solve it ?
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    ABEE Pre-Proposal: Dash Integrated Rideshare App

    1. What will be the consequences of your marketing proposal fail ? Will you launch the platform Q1 2019 anyway ? 2. this seems contradictory to - how could people use ABEE to get home on December 2018 if planned launch is going to be in Q1 2019 ? 3. Latest release of ABEE (beta version) on...
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    Dash Core Group Q1 2018 Summary Call - 4 May 2018

    What is the status of DAO legal entity ? No details on this topic have been published since few months. Suppose I want to create proposal and sign legal contract with DAO: how it should look like, what rights and responsibilities will I have ? What legal actions will take place against me (my...
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    Anypay Budget : Politics and Conflict of Interest

    Good job @feedbands , I hope it'll work out with that salesperson, DASH needs to fight on all fronts for mass adoption. Btw have you considered Paytomat ? - that DASH POS used in many restaurants on Ukraine (just a thought, I dont know what potential does it have)
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    Captcha when posting to prevent spam

    How about cloudflare then? We have to do something as DASH forum is becoming a garbage full of chinese letters
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    Pre-Proposal: Alt Thirty Six + Dash Sponsorships 2018

    I urge MNOs to reconsider approving this proposal. We are being asked for another lump sum by the company that didn't provide any proof of their work an their product has been already delayed. Sure is easy to say "we are on track for May launch" but how can we know that it will actually happen...
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    Captcha when posting to prevent spam

    Can we just implement capchta (recaptcha) when posting messages to prevent this s..tload of spam flooding the forum all the time ?
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    Pre-Proposal: Alt Thirty Six + Dash Sponsorships 2018

    @ThirtySix What is the reason for submitting this proposal before alleged launch of your platform on May ? You must understand that with so much money you already received from the treasury, community is hesitant to give you more without seeing finished product. To this day there were no demos...
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    Pre-Proposal Cryptolifex (Venezuela Exchange VEF/Dash - Dash/VEF)

    @Cryptolifex Hi guys, what's the status of the project ? Counter at shows 00 days 00 hours 00 minutes 00 seconds since 1st of March, wasn't it the date you supposed to launch the platform ? Btw meta description tag on your website shows: "Examples for creative...
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    Pre-Proposal: World Crypto Con Sponsorship

    @Dashonomics "Go Big or Go Home" will be the best option for DASH. Would it be possible to introduce DASH as payment method at the Crypto Coffee Bar ?
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    Proposal: Core Team Advertising (March)

    This proposal is for $1.2 million USD. Before accepting to spend such amount of money we should have clear results of previous Oglivy & Mather proposal. 1. Where is the update of rebranding ? 2. What was achieved for the last months in terms of marketing by O&M ? 3. How are you going to update...
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    Idea for Venezuela remittances help

    Hi I'm currently traveling across South America, visiting friends from time to time. I met lots of Venezuelans who moved and are working abroad. One thing came to my mind when I talked with them about sending money back to Venezuela to help their families. They do it just by sending cash...