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    (ANN)Bitroad.co.uk integrating DRK in next update

    There will be some promotion but I'm not sure what will be exactly. It might be "free express shipping for orders over x amount" or a selection of popular products with flat% discount. Probably the hosting and SSL services will be discounted too for a few weeks. The guys at marketing are still...
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    (ANN)Bitroad.co.uk integrating DRK in next update

    We will accept Darkcoin for payments using a payment processor and DRK will be exactly on the same level as BTC and LTC. A logo stating Darkcoin accepted here will be displayed on the home page. We can also use a banner to promote your forum/coin page. A brief description of DRK will be posted...
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    (ANN)Bitroad.co.uk integrating DRK in next update

    The key advantages compared to other altcoins are several. First of all the fact that darkcoin brings some real benefit and is not just a copy of an existing coin also the fact that community effort is targeted to both function development and marketing/promotion in an healthy way. The fact that...
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    (ANN)Bitroad.co.uk integrating DRK in next update

    Hello happy to announce that DRK will be the first alt to be accepted on our online store in addition to BTC and LTC. Bitroad was the second website to accept Bitcoin for goods and we are proud to be one of the first for Darkcoin too. About us...
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    [Video] Darksend Tutorial (RC5)

    Nice guide, well done.
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    DRK thread in bitcointalk.org

    Conversation wasn't lost after all
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    KeePass Integration

    Very helpful and detailed guide. Thanks