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    I think Dash needs some changes

    This was something I had been pointing out for a long time, though I am pretty sure we are all aware of the short comings DASH is facing. There needs to be a point where we focus on maintaining Platform and Evo once released, while moving a substantial amount of the budget to business and...
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    I think Dash needs some changes

    As mentioned before...we do run the risk of solely focusing on development and not proper marketing. As you are also one of the OG's in this project, in the years you were in DCG, what were the discussions on how to approach this. I'm sure there was frustration with the lack of traction...but...
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    Foundation Member and Masternode Badge

    Fantastic...thanks sir...that looks better! Cheers!
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    Foundation Member and Masternode Badge

    Hi...never mind. Sorry...I see it now. Thanks everyone... Richard
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    I think Dash needs some changes

    Hi Kot, great to see you here, and though I personally pushed hard for a deep change out in the DCG structure, including yourself, I appreciate the fact you are on here providing some great post contents. I've been saying this for a very VERY long time. No one...not ONE SINGLE person I've...
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    Which of Dash's many attributes excites you the most?

    All of these features are equally important to me and why I'm very much into DASH.
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    Some thoughts on Joel's interview with pasta [updated].

    Geert! Dash's full time troll. I'm starting to wonder if he is a sock puppet of Icebreaker?
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    What happened to dash? Be sick?

    Its time to switch to this forum for communications. Reading through these threads has been painful. There are several ostracized dash holders controling the dialog here acting as trolls. As the official dash forum this place needs to be cleaned up...
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    DashForce and

    Holy smokes...I havent been on here for like years. Some of this I have to agree with.
  10. bigrcanada Compromised

    Lol... Crickets.
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    D.E.E.P. A formalised Protocol for the DAO - Part 1 (Opinion and background)

    Thank you for such a well written piece that is well explained Tok. Your a great asset to this community.
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    Dash Core Group Legal Structure Details

    Something that I think is missing is a representation of the DASH community on any of the boards....can this be done on a say 2 or 3 year term bases...voted by the MN's?
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    What's Going on at Dash?

    Hi...i have an idea Can we create a "News" feed right off of our front page of our website... A NEWS column that lists the latest official news feeds.
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    Dash Community Q&A (2-Part Post)

    Really...coinmarketcap is your gauge of success? You need to re evaluate why you are in crypto...and why you are in DASH. Everything we do you bitch here's a suggestion, leave this community and find one that aligns with your views. You keep this up and I'm going to suspect that...
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    Dash Community Q&A (2-Part Post)

    @Macrochip Thankfully no one cares on what he has to say.... :). Regardless...we have had some great news coming out everywhere.