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    Pre-Proposal: ''Dash Chat''

    Fair is a bad word to use imho in case of compenation due to its subjective nature. It's always unfair from some angle. What I'm saying is that if this is the cost of the service then it's not worth it currently, there are better ways to spend this amount. About gathering accurate data: sure...
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    Pre-Proposal: ''Dash Chat''

    Hey. I read through some part of your proposal, watched the video, etc - I'd like to share some ideas with you. First of all, thanks for the effort, it's a great idea. It seems like you spent some years in this industry, and know how to organize work efficiently there. There are a few things I...
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    Proposal: Dash Offices at ASU's SkySong Innovation Center

    Awesome price for value. If we could colocate at least a few people of the people working on dash it would bring huge benefits. I'm all for it. Just please make sure to make it public who are we paying the slots for.
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    Mycelium Integration

    Let me update you guys about what happened with this project. TLDR; We are dependant on Mycelium's architectural changes, and cannot continue integration until we receive information about how their modular architecture will look like. Efforts are spent on other projects in the meantime. In...
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    Mycelium Integration

    This is a status report. It does not include all details, and is not aimed to answer all questions on it's own, so let me ellaborate. There was an initial project plan at the beginning which Tomasz was working on. A few weeks ago it turned out that due to an external dependency (Mycelium's...
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    Mycelium Integration

    Dear Project Sponsor and Community Members, Let me share the next status update of the Mycelium Integration project. General Information Development on Dash functionalities is on hold, Tomasz assist Mycelium with creating their new architecture Progress and changes Support for...
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    Project Quality assurance

    Please take into consideration that some projects have upfront cost higher than 50%. Who should cover those expenses when they are due? I'd say wait for the new budget system, and let's see how it turns out.
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    Proposal: Infrastructure - Basic Needs

    @moocowmoo You're right, the specs are not the same. If you really feel like those specs are necessary, go for it, as such high-end spec computers are probably cheaper if colocated then rented. I'd argue that the specs you mentioned is a huge overkill, and waiting a bit more for a build to be...
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    Proposal: Infrastructure - Basic Needs

    @moocowmoo I agree with you that we need such a system, and the use cases above I can totally understand. My only concern is the costs. Calculating with a 3 year TCO this server would cost 8400 USD, while renting an arguably lower spec, but still good enough server from e.g. Leaseweb is ~3000...
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    Proposal: Infrastructure - Basic Needs

    Hey, While I agree about the topic of the proposal, I'd like to recommend an alternative solution to the colocated server. Since we're trying to act like a startup, we should totally go with renting a server instead of buying one.This would cost less, is better cash-flow wise (no initial...
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    Project Management Framework - proposition

    My first impression was OMFG TOO COMPLICATED, but then I sat down and evaluated each step. To be frank, it just looks terrible on paper, it's very close to the workflow we have (we try to have) currently. I wouldn't be worried, most if not all of the tedious tasks would be done by the pms...
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    May 2016 - Dash Core Team Monthly Report

    @halso the open-source world is totally different to the average corporate culture. IMHO Prince2 would be terrible for core dev and evo, as requirements are unclear upfront. It is a way better fit for vendor work, but if you take a look at the regular updates of Robert you can see that he...
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    Received an empty box from Dash store?

    Claire, what Dashpay store are you talking about? I personally do not know about any "official" one.
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    Dash Podcast ep. 01 - Daniel Diaz and Ira Miller Talk Fiat Gateways

    Quality content, thanks for organizing it. On the other hand, please do something with the voice quality, as it seriously decreases the overall rating I'd give to the show. Wasn't I a huge fan, I would have stopped listening when the connection erros came in.
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    Who runs the Dash OpenBazaar Store?

    As Robert said, just ignore it. Who cares? Free publicity, that's all. Success comes with envy and enemies, we should just get used to this, and not waste time trying to fight them. Nice find though :)