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    Dach Embassy : 54,000 Euros for Salaries, 5000E for work. RIPOFF.

    Dach Embassy wants to pay themselves 54,000 euros every month in salaries without telling dash watch who is getting paid how much. More so they are spending less than 5000 euors for their stated purpose. Their Dashwatch report is laughable. Advise MNO to read report before voting...
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    Pre-poposal: DASH REMITTANCES - Increasing the supply of Dash in Venezuela

    $150/Month Hosting? Hmmmm...I am smelling greed.. When you already have a funded project, what is the desperation to get more money out of the treasury?
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    Dach Embassy is paying $140,000 in taxes. Wasteful expenditure.

    I am pretty apalled to read that Dach embassy is burning $35,000 in taxes this month and $140,000 in this year. They also seem to be wasting money on HR and lawyers. Where is the meat? Their deliverables are pretty laughable as well.. Check these out Served as Dash representative at crypto...
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    Greencandle robs treasury of 330 Dash.

    @TroyDASH They suggested countless times that they will use it for micro proposals or do as the MNO network says. Now, suddenly, they want to pocket everything for some unsanctioned expenses. Returning to core is the only other option as core is fully owned by the MNs themselves. They...
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    Greencandle robs treasury of 330 Dash.

    You are right. Thats what I said on Dashcentral on their proposal. But people thought he is a trustworthy guy. LOL He can return the Dash to Core but he wont. @coingun is in the same league as Charlie Shrem. Worse. Atleast shrem never pretended to be honorable member of Dash.
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    Pre-proposal: Dash conference - Venezuela

    How come the price has come down to 141 if you were not raking it earlier? Other groups should step forward and do this conference. @algodon.franelas is inflating costs.
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    Greencandle robs treasury of 330 Dash.

    Can you please get @coingun to handover excess escrow funds to you? Dashcore can use these funds for their buffer funds and deal with whatever issues. @Green Candle is trying to claim this 330 Dash for themselves and are defrauding the treasury in the name of escrow. @Ryan Taylor @Bradley...
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    Chant Pre-Proposal

    The voice inside my head is chanting, 5 more dash wasted, 5 more dash wasted.
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    Pre Proposal - Open and use 300 (approx.) new Dash wallets through Event in Brisbane Australia

    @Showny M. Azar Raheb Stop posting random question to plug your proposal everywhere. It is very annoying.
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    Pre-Proposal:Make DASH a household name in three different $20B industries

    Really disappointing that you have to spend all your time worrying if you will get funded. This is a good project that deserves our support.
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    Pre-Proposal: HuitPro - Freelance Services Marketplace based on a Dash payment method.

    Scamming and shilling goes hand in hand. This is how you played it at Smartcash. :eek:
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    Greencandle robs treasury of 330 Dash.

    @coingun @greencandle_jeremy You guys are so full of cr*p. Seriously. How can the funds be stolen when they have not moved?- Is this all you have? Well, if it hasnt moved, why dont you give the money back to core? While there are no funds for small projects, people like you are stealing...
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    Pre-Proposal: HuitPro - Freelance Services Marketplace based on a Dash payment method.

    These scammers are back. Been waiting for your proposal, post it soon.
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    Chant Pre-Proposal

    I see another 5 dash loss coming up. You have not understood the feedback.