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    How to buy 'coins?

    Hi, I just installed the wallet. Worked great on my Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS pc. But... I don't have an 'account'. I see nothing that would let me enter such a thing. Is this part of the privacy thing? If so, I like it. How do I buy Dash Coins? I that the proper term? How do I convert USD into...
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    Characteristics of 'good' money

    let's try this...
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    Characteristics of 'good' money

    Hi, I just 'joined' the adventure of money vs currency, real vs fiat, etc. I looked for a list of characteristics of money and found only general hints, incomplete... p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; } First written 20150525 in email. I began this list with the 'recognized'...