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    Problem during crypto transfer from one wallet to another

    Sorry to tell you this, your coins are probably not recoverable. Locking this thread.
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    Moving CoinJoin out of the protocol and into a separate wallet (e.g., fork of Wasabi)

    Not as easy as it sounds, the upstreams for Equihash don't match X11 requirements, but let's go changing the basic architecture of Dashcore right before we prepare for a Dash Platform release. Brilliant!
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    Moving CoinJoin out of the protocol and into a separate wallet (e.g., fork of Wasabi)

    CoinJoin is a privacy (not anonymity) and fungibility feature, why in the hell would we want to trust it to a 3rd party when we already have LLMQs devoted coding to it?
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    Import Paper Wallet Issue

    Please open a fresh thread, we are many version ahead since this was posted.
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    Please look at our Dash chat options, tab left screen, Discord has #markets and #altcoins channels, this Forum draws very little trading talk and it is not timely.
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    Forum thread damaging Dash image

    The thread has been locked to further replies, I don't know what to do other than that, I am just a moderator, I can ping @strophy and see what he thinks about the matter.
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    Forum thread damaging Dash image

    Camosoul has been a bit of a problem before on the Forum, but we don't censor masternode owners here, he lost his BLP path keys and has been trying to recover them, we will not censor his posts, Dash has nothing to hide. Every network has problems of one kind or another.
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    Dash logo and font?

    ^^^ Look above for proper link, this is an old thread and things have changed
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    Looking for Suggestion

    This is a Dash network website, if you are considering crypto as a payment option, check out the coinpayments plug-in for WooCommmerce. Closing this thread, way off topic.
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    Platform/dApp development subforum

    Had to move this to the right category, belongs here in Forum feedback, will have to revisit this after the next upgrade, Xenforo due for an update and DCG still hasn't hired a new head of marketing, so I'll sticky this so we don't lose it in the shuffle.
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    Decision proposal: Budget proposals

    Response to inquiry in Discord: I am a delegate, only, but I can't see further bureaucratization of the network as a plus, we are supposed to be decentralized, the DAO has been making some good decisions, you saw my post about Budget Proposals, the problem is voters are too lazy to revisit...
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    Decision proposal: Budget proposals

    Budget proposals that expect longterm funding should not be able to ride rises in Dash valuation for multiple cycles. Specifically, if a proposal is being funded, and it has no rollover method in place and continues to ask for funding with a rising Dash valuation, it should be downvoted by the...
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    Can I recover my wallet using transaction address alone?

    If you don't have the wallet.dat or a seed phrase, I am afraid that Dash is gone, you cannot reverse a transaction.
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    Dash Community Weekly Task #1: Introduce Dash to someone

    Stickied this post. Good stuff.
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    Dash Electrum progress and reports

    I think you messed your link up.