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    Binance DASH Address problem Duplicate thread copied, 3 years old, locking thread and warning user.
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    Marketplace Locked Due to Lack of Dash Community Engagement

    We have temrporaily locked this category as we have low community engagement and frequent spam. This category can be reopened if community demand asks for it.
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    Can I connect DUSH to

    Trolling, LOL, gonna lock the thread, douche.
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    Help a newbie. Need software

    Dash is an ASIC coin, you need an ASIC, not software, to mine Dash.
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    Payment pending

    @strophy Please.
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    NEW Forum MEMBERS: Welcome to Dash! Please Read & Reply

    We have an issue with spammers and sock puppets. Because of our SEO rankings. We lock threads regularly. They can be reopened at the request of the OP.
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    DashDirect Virtual Visa/MC Proposal Updates

    Best of luck and great work!
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    Incorrect firmware!!! Content-type: text/html

    You need to find a miner support for E3, it is not an X11 Algo, so it is not Dash, nobody in this community to help you, sorry.
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    etherium - is it not too late for mining?

    Alternative Currencies category has been archived as it drew no interest from the Dash community here and drew nothing but spam.
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    locked threads.

    Drew too many spammers, locking this thread. Thanks.
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    How long does synchronizing take?

    A sync takes about a day now, I suppose, depending on what your equipment and OS are, plus ISP. Are you getting any error messages?
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    Missing dash coin

    All the officially supported Dash wallets can be found at main website.
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    Hello. I just got out of prison. Ask me some questions : )

    Closing this thread. OP can post a fresh thread if he wants to, this old thread is drawing spam.
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    Dashcore fatal internal error ...

    @splawik21 has a KeyBase address in his signature, probably safest way to handle this.