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    Proposed selection of logo candidates

    I feel slightly out of the loop, when/where will this voting take place?
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    Why does X11 run cooler?

    I am glad my incorrect and poorly thought out answer lead to a correct and very clear answer :).
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    Why does X11 run cooler?

    Well, the x11 is basically the algo of qubit, with the algos of quark, but without the randomness of quark, so being extremely naive I'd expect the hashrates of x11 to be somewhere between the two (but closer to quark since it has more hashing algos). So if we look at the hashrates of quark...
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    Logo designs (all) -- please view & discuss!

    That last one looks a LOT like the digibyte logo.
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    Logo designs (all) -- please view & discuss!

    My top choices are these: 1. I like this one's logo:, but prefer this one's coin render: The design just makes me think of a network, maybe security and walls. 2. Obviously invokes security. 3...
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    Love the new coin control features when sending!

    Is this a feature in 0.9.1? I am not sure if I've sent coins since I upgraded, but I don't recall getting this option pop up.
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    If I recall, weren't they also accused of actually selling altcoin of users' wallets to try and recover the lost BTC?
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    Anyone else thinking of buying up some more GPU's?

    Yeah. Panic selling is the only reason I would pick up more GPUs.
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    What's your theory?

    I'm torn about ASICs. I actually think bitcoin having a huge network hash rate secured with ASICs as a good thing, but on the other hand the '1 cpu = 1 vote' idea is something worth preserving in a coin.
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    Logo discussion

    So how will the logo selection process work?
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    Address Distribution

    Seems to put a damper on the 3.38 mil instantmine argument, when the destination addresses are testnet addresses.
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    The Birth Of Darkcoin

    I sincerely appreciate this post. I am sad I didn't get in on that early mining, but at least there is a clear explanation for the odd block rewards for those of us who stumbled here late.
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    Logo discussion

    Love it :). The Dark Gravity Wave silently moving through the crypto universe.
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    Logo discussion

    Wow. Yeah, I think by implying defense it is implying positive aspects about anonymity as opposed to illicit aspects. On the other hand, if there was a light colored logo that dissonance between the name and the logo could actually be interesting. Has anyone considered a theme that...