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[XPOOL.CA][Multipool] x11 | sha256 | scrypt | lyra2REv2 - KNC Titans, Large GPUs & Nicehash support

I've now added a DASH only port. Worker names should always be your DASH address

stratum+tcp://mine.xpool.ca:2000 VARDIFF
stratum+tcp://mine.xpool.ca:3000 FIXED Diff using --diff # in your password to set your diff. (0.1 minimum)
Hey man, I added all my miners, what is the difference between the 2000 and the 3000? Also, is the payment system setup for a once a day payment? Thanks....
The X11 Port 2000 will determine your mining difficulty automatically and port 3000 is manual/fixed and will default to a difficulty of 0.1 or if you want a higher diff, for bigger rigs, you set your diff with this set as your password: --diff 0.5

Since this is mining only DASH, payouts are every around every 6 hours as long as there is a mature block to pay.

I'm not really sure. I think there are a lot of factors. For the most part, the VARDIFF port is very robust and usually play nice with miners. fixed diff is typically used for mining hardware/software combos that don't handle the diff changes well. I think there was a thread on here for maximizing hashrates etc... may want to have a look in there.
Today's xpool.ca multipool payout is 3k+ NXT, 29+ BTCD, 34+ FIBRE, 445+ BITS, 13+ DASH & 0.419+ BTC.
Today's xpool.ca multipool payout is 2k+ NXT, 25+ BTCD, 30+ FIBRE, 547+ BITS, 11+ DASH & 0.423+ BTC.
Today's xpool.ca multipool payouts are 13k+ NXT, 84+ BTCD, 101+ FIBRE, 536+ BITS, 28+ DASH & 1.884+ BTC.
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why does this pool keep going down all the time???!!! If it goes down again, it's back to another one.
ok, understood. Your's has been the best so I shouldn't be complaining. It's just a little weird when things go down for 4-5 hrs at a time, and miners are running, hope you don't take offense...Tup
I don't recall any other downtime in the past year that has lasted as long as the one yesterday. I believe there was only 2 other outages, one again was my provider and was a month or so ago. A car accident took out 10 of the fibre lines and the other was a massive DDoS attack which cause some sever latency.

I run a tight ship so if you have a problem, let me know as what I see as working from my point of view, may not always be the case from a miners perspective. I always post, at least to twitter, if there any issue occurring that I'm aware of.