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Win 8.1. 50%+ CPU usage. Freezing while updating AND AFTER UPDATE


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Wait. Something is wrong. Even after the wallet is fully synced. It's still running at 50% cpu usage and almost unusable because it freezes the entire PC every now and then.

Any ideas?

Update: this only happens with my OLD wallet. CPU usage when running the dummy wallet is 3%.

What should I do? Should I transfer the balance into that dummy wallet? /it is pretty hard to get into my old wallet because it pretty much just freezes.

Actually, it just freezes. There is about a 1-2 seconds window of opportunity for me to do something, after which it just perma freeze.


My wallet ver. is 60000 and it's 12MB in size. Using the upgrade command gets it to 61000 but that still doesn't work.

/solved i think

looks like the only way is to transfer all the coins to a new wallet. Thanks for the suggestions all.
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I've tried restarting several times but it is basically stuck at week 44, not because it's not downloading, but because its freezing up the PC so much it's basically not running. Task manager shows DASH QT wallet as non responsive.

My spec:
Pentium G3240 3.1Ghz

Do the basics. Reboot. Check that there are no antivirus programs running. Start task manager and find the high cpu task. How many days out of sync is this wallet? If it is a lot (say more than 30 days), then consider using https://github.com/UdjinM6/darkcoin-bootstrap.
Few suggestions:
1) Did you mine into that wallet? Or maybe there is just a long history of transactions? If it is then it's quite "normal" behavior for current version of wallet. As a workaround you can speed up things by syncing with dummy wallet: create shortcut to dash-qt.exe and in "Target" field add " -wallet=dummywallet.dat" (no quotes, you can use whatever name you want instead of dummywallet). Run it and wallet will create new empty wallet - should sync way faster. (If you'd like to keep that shortcut please name it accordingly so it doesn't confuse you "oh, god, where are my coins?!" after some time has passed :smile:)
2) Most likely you have old version of wallet.dat got to Tools -> Console, type "getinfo" and hit enter. Look for "walletversion" in command output there. If it's lower than 61000 then create shortcut to dash-qt.exe (or use the one from #1) and in "Target" field add " -upgradewallet". You should run it only once (after upgrade is done remove this string if you want to use shortcut from #1 again).