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Why Dashlancer could be a killer app for dash?


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It is said that you need to be 10x better than the status quo for disrupting an industry.

The guys at dashlancer offer a servixe for an 1% fee while the industry average is somewhere around 15-20%

Furthermore they did a detailed market research indicating strong interest in cutting out overrequesting freelance portals.

Additionally the project achieves many very important roles in an monetary system:

  1. More people start earning dash.

  2. More enterprises start spending dash.

  3. Enterprises get introduced to dash as a an efficient medium of exchange (especially important for international operating ones, which are more likely to engage freelancers all over the world).

  4. Creates a talent pool of which the whole dash ecosystem can benefit.
Imo this should get funded. They even have core escrow and the dash boost dev team.