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Where is my dash going?


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I have 7 dollars worth. A week later I had 4.22 in there. 3 days later I look now there is just a little more than 3 dollars. Like my other thread mentioned, what is the point of this? I have real money, it goes no where. I have real money and someone scams or frauds me or robs me, I do not have to pay a fee. But with dash you have to pay a fee when you get robbed and the dash just sitting there disappears. So all the dash I had will eventual go to zero with out me truly spending any of it. So I was robbed, no one behind dash cares at all, I had to pay a fee when I was robbed, then all my coins are disappearing. So please some please I am begging you please tell me what is the point of this? I get dash coins and they all disappear with no use at all. Is this some corrupted politician scheme where lets make a scam called dash and fill our pockets as quickly as possible?
i assume your talking about dash's price dropping..
"i have real money it goes nowhere" if you look into your "real money" it's not as stable as you probably think it is. (it loses value by design)
This is a free market the value will go up and down just like every other product u have ever owned.
EDIT: You do understand that this is happening to all coins, further more if you can't afford to lose it all... Don't invest!

Coming on here with that user name begs us to label you a troll. bugger off already. We've had enough of your ilk to last a life time.
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what are we expecting from a new user that has his user name "dashisdumb" he is a troll!!!