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What's this Trust Protector thing all about? Let's meet them and chat about Dash stuff.

The only obvious choice on the list for me is Perry Woodin. Everyone else I need to investigate. I hope Dashwatch creates a convenient way for us to review each candidates credentials. Anyone who does not believe DCG is doing an awesome job at the moment should be considered "reality challenged" and therefore rejected IMHO.
The only obvious choice on the list for me is Perry Woodin. Everyone else I need to investigate. I hope Dashwatch creates a convenient way for us to review each candidates credentials. Anyone who does not believe DCG is doing an awesome job at the moment should be considered "reality challenged" and therefore rejected IMHO.
I am open to any questions you may have for me. I am also pretty well known in Discord and the various Dash social media groups; you should be able to get references about my character and dedication to Dash in them.
Dash Podcast 94 - Feat. Fernando Gutierrez Dash Core Group CMO - Trustprotectors and the likes

Hello my Name is Brian Damian I am the owner of About37 llc and I would like to introduce myself as a candidate for the Dash Trust Protector. I am invested in Dash and the Dash ecosystem and have the financial responsibility to act with best interests for the Dash Network. As any impacts to the Dash network can affect the businesses I am building upon Dash. While I am active in a few channels on discord I do keep up with much of the themes and topics elsewhere to keep up with the ever changing landscape. Feel free to reach out to me here or on discord CryptoTeller#6893

Professional Work

I have been working in the IT industry for over 20 years, currently employed full time by a professional services consulting firm that is a Microsoft Gold Partner MSP and Ivanti Platinum Partner. We provide consulting services for large and small business across US to solve IT needs in day to day operations and enterprise wide roll outs. I am contracted to clients based on a scope of work and I will help to build and define goals and milestones in a scope of work. As well as I travel onsite to complete defined work. Currently I am working on a long term project with a major national US company to integrate IT service for over 10,000 user endpoints after a recent merger / acquisition activities of the two companies.

A short story of how I came across bitcoin and Dash

I discovered bitcoin in 2010 when the housing crisis was affecting me directly. Having been employed at the time by a US home builder the company quickly went into survival mode and began layoffs during hard times. As a crucial IT employee I managed to avoid layoffs, round after round as I watched my fellow co-workers all lose their jobs. The home I owned was worth $100k less than I owed on the mortgage due to dropping home values while the end of my job was looming and it felt like there was no way out of mounting dept. During these troubling times and angry at the banks, I got hooked by bitcoin tech and what it could do for the world as it distracted from the stresses of daily life, all I wanted was to learn more each day as I submerged myself into everything I could about bitcoin. When I finally landed a more stable job in 2013 I started to invest in mining hardware. I was interested in the proof of work mining system in bitcoin which led me to dash and its x11 mining algorithm and I was hooked on Dash ever since.

Then I Discovered Dash

It was like starting over when I was learning bitcoin, rediscovering the same things I enjoyed with bitcoin but being able to make suggestions and help improve without being outcast by the community or shunned for not being a coder. But the Dash community was open to newcomers, and almost had a professional feeling for me. It wasn’t hyped like all the other projects and Evan had his public name behind the project that was changing the digital currency industry before there ever was one. I quickly found it like home here and joined as Lifetime Foundation Member. I recall a lot of the drama and growing pains having been part of all the various communications platforms as we have grown quickly over the past 5 years. from Dash forum, Dash slack, Dash slack 2, Dash discord, Dash dicord 2, Dash Central, Dash Nexus etc...

I am always trying to help educate people about Dash and bringing them into the community. Not only do I run the local monthly Dash meetup group, and part of the Dash Street team but I deal with many different folks on a day to day basis in my consulting job. I never miss the opportunity to speak about Dash or show off how much I absolutely believe in Dash with my Dash tattoo. I am always trying to help share my excitement for the project as I am quick to lead people to a working eCommerce website where they can buy a trinket, sticker or t-shirt or just plain old anything which is paid for using dash of which I will give the person to complete a purchase after downloading a mobile wallet. This really helps people conceptualize what Dash can do first hand as a payment rail.

Some other random Dash things I’ve done in the past, I own a Dash based trademark, I currently run a store on zazzle.com/dashswag selling dash swag that I donate proceeds from back to Dash Core Group. I am the owner of several dash domains including buywithdash.org, DashDigitalCash.org, DashKiosk.org. Additionally I have been building and running a Dash ATM business. Of which funds were awarded by the treasury for the purchase of hardware by the network in March 2017. We currently have two machines operating in Southern New Jersey with insane low fees for ATMs.

I’ve had some great times working with and helping promote Dash over the years. I attended two conferences and had two proposals funded on behalf of Dash in 2017. A self-funded trip with the ATM for the October 2017 conference in Austin and in March 2018 I had a Self-sponsored Dash booth at local Rowan University hack-a-thon. As well I did a fun live stream with Ken and I getting matching Dash Tattoos.



Exciting Times Ahead

This is a great time for Dash and I am looking forward to all the things Dash can bring to the world. I am proud to be listed along side such other great individuals running as trust protectors with me and look forward to working closer with everyone if voted in. No mater what the outcome I am proud to represent Dash always and forever. I am familiar with the 41 page deed of settlement and am willing and able to act in accordance with votes of the masternodes.


Brian Damian
All Dash MNO's time to vote on the Trust Protectors !

How to : https://dashwatchbeta.org/elections?tab=howTo
Full List of participants / What is this: https://www.dash.org/forum/threads/...ts-meet-them-and-chat-about-dash-stuff.43630/
TrustVote App: https://trustvote.dash.org/

Deadline: March 31st 11:59pm UTC

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