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What will happen to masternodes when ROI becomes very low

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This is my first post so hello to the community. I am someone who is willing to store some value in crypto. I find Dash a really interesting cryptocurrency. It is with maximum supply, and they have proven their strength in economic crisis such as in Venezuela. The masternode concept is also very good and attractive in my opinion.

I still have one question though: What will happen when almost all Dash are mined, and masternodes are no longer profitable. Will people who had the masternodes start selling massively no?

Thank you if anybody has the answer, or if there is a plan about that!
Masternodes have other purposes as well - but more or less the idea with all crypto is that by that point, there will be so many transactions occurring that the fee's will be more profitable - much like how a CC companies makes its profit.
There will also be additional revenue streams for masternode operators, once Dash Platform will be launched on Dash Mainnet.
Dash Platform will be on a sidechain and will have its own fees. Those fees will be distributed to masternode operators.
The more successful the Dash Platform gets, the more fees flows to masternode operators.
Maybe future Dapps on Dash Platform will generate additional revenue streams for masternode operators as well.
We will be dead. The Coinbase reward is reduced by 7% per year, yet the price rises in excess of that year on year. So masternodes are more profitable today, than they were in 2016 or prior and will be more profitable next year and the years beyond because the DASH price will be over $100 reliably.
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