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What happens if I run 'dashd' without sentinel?


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Excuse me for a stupid question... But...

1. What happens if I run 'dashd' without sentinel (on a Linux server) ? Is it still a Masternode ? A Full-node ? Or useless program, that does nothing ?

2. Is sentinel needed for a local wallet (Dash-Core on PC) ? Why, or why not? (I think it's not used)

3. Sentinel will be needed for Electrum-Dash-Evolution wallet, right ? (for new object types)

Dash-Core v12.1.4

UPDATE: a bunch of my Masternodes running 'dashd' without Sentinel stuck in PRE_ENABLED state. Afterwards state was changed to 'EXPIRED'. then to 'WATCHDOG_EXPIRED'

Where can I find all the MN states ?
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