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What happened to the Dash Investment Foundation?

These seems to be the last announcements / budget proposals from The DIF :

Date : 21st of May 2022

I assume the Valkyrie Dash Trust has been shutdown by now, as i don't see the Dash Trust mentioned on Valkyrie website (https://valkyrieinvest.com/trusts/).

Date : 15th of March 2022

No further DIF budget proposals emerged after that.
Maybe DIF budget proposals were put on hold, due to the crypto winter / bear market / low Dash price ?
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Does anyone know what the DIF's current assets under management are?

If they do have any reserves in USD they could perhaps help support the network by purchasing Dash back of exchanges.
Indeed, they appear to be dormant however, everything is still there, but they are not actively managing positions.
Maybe we can put a proposal forward to pay DIF supervisors, even if it is not much.
No, it wouldn't make them better, it might be better to just shelve it until we can find people that can do a better job. That aside, unlike 3AC, celcius, ftx/alameda and the others whose names escape me right now, The DIF actually outperformed these funds in the space simply by not blowing up, so respect for that. Unfortunately, their investments were all in this space and are now illiquid and likely down in price and the $RUNE they held is down over 90%, so still worse than if we never minted the coins. Therefore I will continue to vote NO on any future DIF proposals. A dash saved is a Dash earned.